End of Year Wrap Up – 2015

It’s been a nicer year.  


I got my head past last year’s problems and my shit back together.  I did some things I’ve always wanted to do, like trying weird stuff with my hair and trying dance classes (!) and keeping houseplants alive, like actual real lots of plants thriving all over the damn place.


And we all kinda spent this year rebuilding. New, better home. New school where my son thrives. New daycare where the Beef thrives. Scott… okay maybe he didn’t have to rebuild, but that’s okay because he’s always been the glue.


My photography is a work in progress. I’m finally accepting of the fact that I tend to be mostly awkward and anxious with outside people, I prefer to work with those I know well, my family. They trust me so there’s no awkward, it all flows nicely.


And for the year ahead: well, mainly I am starting up the Sunday Update again, because holy hell but I suck at updating if I don’t have a set deadline for myself, whoa man. And also I need to call my parents more often because as usual, it falls behind because I suck.

Oh and I really need to work on my butt, I want a nice butt. The end.


Happiest of New Years, my friends. May 2016 be your best yet.


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