Kansas Trip Spring 2014 – Halstead, Kansas

I wanted to toss some posts up this time of year, catch up and stuff, and I was going through my drafts and found a few old ones. Photos done, just needed words. Well, if they are already eating up my photo allotment, I’m posting these muthah effahs. Ta daaaaa!

So: drove down, apparently from the Lawrence area given that we took the turnpike, and OMG LINUS IS A WEE FAT BABY I DIE.

We got to town and met up with several family members for lunch, then headed back to the Mueller homestead for some quality exploring and family time.







At one point we took Pete back into Halstead to check out the Kansas Learning Center for Health. Pete was excited to have some quality time with us, clearly. It was there that we first got our own personal viewing of Valeda, one of the few working TAMs left in the country (that’s Transparent Anatomical Manikin for short). Bad ass. Also, side note: if she looks vaguely familiar, that’s because her kind is the basis of one of the most famous album covers of my generation. The actual model for the Nirvana cover lives at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, but hey close enough.


The rest of the learning center is pretty cool, too.




While in Halstead, we also visited my mother-in-law at work and she took us over to see all the emergency vehicles. It pays to have someone on the inside to get you the private tour…




We also had a lovely dinner at the airport restaurant, and lots of snuggle time (including with “uncle” Timmy).




And there you go! And can I just say, I am proud of myself for having that kind of recall from events over a year and a half ago, when I was sleeping about 5 (broken) hours per night.  Huzzah.  Babies suck, they are lucky they have huge amounts of body fat that their mothers find irresistible.



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