Chicago, Winter 2015

Actually it is just barely technically winter, also the weather is beyond bizarre (it was in the low 60s and foggy that day), but whatever.  A winter(-ish)  visit to Chicago, huzzah!

We went just for the day, to take in the Trees of the World at the MSI, grab some lunch, la dee da.  It was a nice little trip and I think we’re more apt to do a day trip to Chicago in the future, it wasn’t nearly as tiring as I thought it might be.

Oh, and we stopped at McD’s on the way out and got some breakfast; sausage McMuffins for the boys.  They were in heaven.  And I know some people are judging us hard right now, but whatever.  Let ’em have some McD’s every once in awhile, it’s better than completely swearing off and having them obsessed with it when they are older.


We got to the museum as soon as it opened, which meant less in the way of crowds.  Not like it mattered because Linus was done looking at the trees after about five minutes.


After the museum we drove North a bit and hit up Honey Butter Fried Chicken for lunch.  It was packed, and it was GOOOOOOOOOOD.  They gve you little tubs of delicious honey butter to smear all over your fried chicken, which is BRILLIANT.

Then before heading out we made a stop at Half Acre to refill the ole growler with some delicious, sudsy goodness.


Aaaaand that’s it. Hell yeah, Chicago.  Thanks for always treating us right.


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