Catching up.

Well according to the old blog counter thingie, it’s been about 23 days since I blogged, which I truly think is some kind of record, for real, so there’s that.  I let it slide, yes, because sometimes I just feel like the time I would spend blogging is better spent, I dunno.  Shopping/wrapping presents/decorating/baking/attending parties/picking out terrible outfits for my children to wear on Christmas.  So there’s that, pretty much.  Also sometimes I like to just crawl into bed early with a gin drink and new episodes of Call The Midwife pulled up on my phone.  That damned Jenny Lee, she’s got me hooked.

So anyway, clearly you cannot blame me for making such choices!  Although admittedly I miss the blog, my old girl, and will make a concerted effort to post more frequently in the coming weeks.

(Unless I don’t feel like it, which is okay too.)

To tide you over until the Great Tsunami of Blog Catch Up occurs… Here’s a few photos I took of the always lovely Mahni, who pulled me aside at the park when we were visiting and asked me to take some “Senior Photos” for her.  And who can say ‘no’ to the Mahnster, right?



Peace out, more to come.  Pinkie-swears.


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