Hiya!  Just a note that we took our usual holiday whirlwind trip of Kansas (do not even ask, my friends, that is how much the weather disappointed me this go around, forcing us to leave before ready, deal with days in the rainy windy cold, and then forcing us to leave much earlier than planned thanks to an ice storm). ANYHOO, you’ll get a whole earful on that later. For now: let’s relax and enjoy the season.  Oh, Christmastime!  My most favorite Favorite FAVORITE!

As of our return, the laundry was done and things put away and house cleaned (can anyone tell me how our toilets get a weird gross moldy line thing in the few days that WE ARE GONE AND THEY ARE COMPLETELY UNUSED? Because that’s a neat trick, really) and then the best part!  Holiday-fication has begun!

My baby planties have all been moved to a warmer winter climate, AKA in the best vantage points to get full window sunlight.  So they have all been moved to the master bedroom, basement playroom, main bath, and kitchen. So many in the bedroom, man. Drowning in plants in there. I will say it makes me recognize that maybe I am a little too plant happy (this little makeshift perch represents maaaaybe 10% of the actual plant population in the house).


Decorations are up, but I don’t have a good picture so whatever I’ll get that to you later. Actually maybe never because it really isn’t all that impressive, sorry.  But it’s up and I love it so whatever.


I have been a crazy person buying presents, so I can send several back with my parents when they visit.  Pete and I went out today and knocked out a huge chunk of it; probably the best part was when we hit up LUSH and basically had our personal shopping assistant (they staff really well there, you are hounded but nicely hounded) and he would sniff something and proceed to very dramatically screw up his face as if they all smelled like feces.  Boys, they are a lovely breed.  Anyway, we bought half the store (enjoy, Mahni et al.) and then returned home where I spent a good chunk of time in wrapping hell.  Linus woke up from his nap as soon as I gathered all my materials and within 30 minutes, I had surrendered a 5-foot stretch of wrapping paper and an entire roll of tape in order to distract him long enough for me to finish my wrapping.  Toddlers, man. Never have one if you can help it.


Time for cozy meals, WEEEEE!  Scott made a ‘gravy’ (that’s Italian-American for red sauce, apparently) in the oven, six long hours of babysitting, and that shizz was glorious.  Then, after feeding us this glorious sauce atop heaping plates of spaghetti and meatballs, he went right over to the counter stacked high with dishes and did all the cleanup, too. And got the boys ready for bed.  Because as soon as my fork hit my empty plate, I threw on my coat and tossed air-kisses to the kids as I abandoned them to finish some shopping.

God bless that man, you know?


Oh, and our neighbors did a pretty decent job decorating their outdoors, so we took a walk down the drive and checked it all out.  I have a feeling we’ll be doing this on the regular until they come down, and that’s okay by me really.


Have a good week my friends!  More posts to come.


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