It’s November and I suck.

First off – why does this make me laugh? Am I a bad person?


Anyway. Yeah sorry, loser alert.  I have blown off The Blog, which is not normally my thing but as of late has become my thing (a little disconcerting, from someone who has regularly blogged on different blogging platforms for about 10 years now).  Kids are hard!  Toddlers who need constant supervision otherwise once you turn your back for 10 seconds to glance at the clock and ponder over A Thing You Need To Do Later they will take that opportunity to crawl up onto the arm of the couch with a full tub of raisins and jump, only to crash to the floor head-first and fling raisins into every last square inch of floor space of your living room (a living room with a nice thick carpet, because OF COURSE WHY NOT), those toddlers are hard.  Energetic six-year-olds that have curious questions about every last thing their eyes peep, they are work, too. So therefore, the blog has taken a bit of a hiatus.


No worries, though, I have already made plans for New Years Resolutions that involve WAY MOAR BLOGGING, so it’s all gonna be okay. I promise.


Shut up Dawson.

So anyway!  I thought I would do an update but I really don’t have a whole lot to say other than: fall.  Stuff.  I didn’t really get out my camera very much lately, and I’m sorry.  I barely have time to pick up the camera anyway, with all the other junk going on.  I did manage to get Linus outside to do his favorite fall activity, play in the leaves, and while it was still (almost unsettlingly so) warm enough to do so without jackets.


(So happy to see me, that child.)


Then the kiddos had some play time together while I cleaned. Which pretty much sums up the past few weekends, honestly: cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  Gotta get ready for the winter, my friends!  We shut up all the storm windows for about the 3rd time this fall (always a false start on the cold weather, it seems), vacuumed the dust bunnies from the forgotten corners, busted out all the flannel bedding, and moved around furniture.



And I put up the Christmas decorations, kinda.  They are out but not really “out” and ready to go.  Could not help myself. The holiday season is short this year and shortly we will be doing our 9-day trek around Kansas, so I want to be ready for the holidays when we get home.  Respect the Turkey, Schmespect the Shmurkey. As I wise friend herself said: I can absolutely enjoy a good bit of turkey while admiring my pretty Christmas tree.



That’s it, my friends.  Lots of work catch-up to do this week, extra workouts to counteract all the over-eating we will do over Thanksgiving, and kids with chest colds means: not a lot of free time. I’m signing off and hopefully can watch an episode of Call The Midwife in bed before falling asleep all slack-jawed.


Shut up.



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  1. I fully support your getting out the decorations “early”. You can enjoy the process more if it’s not a rush, yes? Plus, twinkle lights…all of the twinkle lights!

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