Kind of a Week in Review Oct. 25


It’s been a potluck of a week, people.  We’ve hung out mostly indoors, thanks to random rainy days (wet leaves and mud all over errrrrthang, I mean I like to think of myself as a free-spirit parent but – nope, you’re not playing in the yard, because: NNNOPE). Pete and I made rice-krispie brains one day, that was fun.  I finally forced myself to watch Fruitvale Station, after two years of waffling because I thought it would make me cry, because damn that Michael B. Jordan (I hate crying. Especially over something like a movie). And yep – cried. Got me right in the Feels. Big baby crying. It’s awful but necessary viewing.

I got soups and beans and bread dough prepped and into the deep freeze, just in time for winter.  Or actually: just in time for the element in our oven to catch on fire and then melt away into molten metal bits all over the oven floor, which happened on Saturday afternoon. You know, AFTER we had done the weekly grocery shopping. For a whole bunch of oven-necessary meals. 

The part is on order and until then: all those meals I planned and purchased for, ALL THOSE OVEN MEALS, they are on hold. Might be thawing out those soups earlier than planned.


No fear on the weather though, it was nice/dry enough for raking by week’s end.  So at least there’s that.


It was a pretty busy weekend – Pete’s hip-hop studio has an annual Halloween party, he decided he wanted to do one of the workshops and attend the big evening party, so we signed him up.

Then Saturday he and Linus decided that 4 o’clock in the freaking morning was a good time to get up and start the party.

Scott let me get in a short nap (good man) and he and Linus both got a little nap, and Linus took one more loooooong nap, but – Pete hung in there all day, saying he felt fine. Shockingly: he was pretty darn exhausted by the evening.  He was excited to get dressed up (and add random unnecessary makeup, because: sure, Star Wars commanders need scars and tattoos, why the hell not).  He was excited to hit the studio.  He… lost all steam by the end of the workshop and barely dragged through the party.  Whoops.  


Welp, at least Linus had a rockin’ time.  He even got up and joined the Big Dance at the end.  Pete was pretty much prone on the floor half-asleep by that point.


Sunday was Boo at the Zoo! Actually they don’t call it that here, but you know: that Halloween thing that all zoos do. The lines were insane, and this year we kinda said, “screw it”. We hit up a few of the shorter lines for some candy, but skipped most of them and just enjoyed ourselves. Watched the gibbons open their Trick or Treat bags, watched the bears eat the honey off the glass in their exhibits, watched the meerkats just be awesome meerkats. Several cosplay groups show up, so we sought out all the Star Wars characters we could find. It was about a million times more fun that way, you guys. Screw the candy, we’ll get enough of that later.




And that kinda sums things up! The kids both have parties at daycare/school, then a neighborhood thing, then the actual Halloween date… Busy week ahead. Hang in there, all y’all, and we’ll chat again soon. Peace out.


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