Fondy + Pumpkin Patchin’

Guess what. Guess. No, guess. Really.

OH YES YOU GUYS IT’S FALL AND THEREFORE PUMPKIN TIME! I am not really a pumpkin-spice latte/scone/pancakes/cereal/salad/nut mix/ravioli/cream cheese/chips kinda person (that’s just a sampling of the different pumpkin-spice things at Trader Joes right now, by the way, oh yes even bagged salad mix), but lordy I am all about going to the patch and getting a nice big ole pumpkin. So when we woke up one weekend and there were no plans and the air was deliciously crisp and cool, I deemed it PUMPKIN PATCH WEEKEND OF AWESOME, YAASSSSSSSSSSS.

Moose’s reaction was a bit more subdued. Shockingly.


Whatever you big ole grump, you can’t rain on my pumpkin parade!

So anyway, it was time to get the pumpkins. We found this place that was supposed to be the Top O’ The Line in the world of pumpkin patches, but it was a wee bit north. We hesitated for a minute, but then decided what the hell, you only live once, why not drive out 45 minutes for a pumpkin. (Actually that sounds a little crazy dumb when I type it, but this patch had lots of ACTIVITIES, and that was more what we were going for anyway, so shush.)

As it so happens, this particular patch was only about 20 minutes south of Fond du Lac, which was the town where I grew up. So I coerced my dear sweet long-suffering husband into heading that way first. We didn’t have a ton of time to screw around, so we pretty much just drove through town, hit up Lakeside park, had a quick bite to eat, drove past my childhood home… A few hours tops, barely a blip, but I’m glad we did it.

It’s weird going back to Fondy. So much has changed, and I don’t know my way around anymore. I was struggling to remember street names and major intersections, and then we’d drive past a street corner and oh my goodness, but it triggered major memories because it still looked exactly as it did when I was a kid. Kinda trippy.


It was damn cold off the lake – it was in the 40s, and insanely windy. By the time we got to the top of the lighthouse, we regretted not having gloves (Pete was the only prepared one). Needless to say, we didn’t stay there terribly long.






That’s my childhood home in the picture above, the brown one. We only lived a few blocks off the lake, so it was easy to do a sneaky ninja drive-by. Very different, they re-did all the landscaping in front and changed the front porch area. I mean, it’s been like 20 years, so that’s obviously not shocking, but anyway. Also our bright-orange door is gone, FOR SHAME PEOPLE.

We ‘lunched’ at Salty’s. We didn’t actually lunch – had a big breakfast and it was 11am-ish so kinda early to have an actual lunch, but we knew we’d be at the Patch for several hours, through the meal, so we stopped for appetizers. Salty’s is a seafood place right off the lake, and has been there forever. It has this random Florida-beachy theme which is so random and outdated that it’s kitschy. And the food is actually good! So we got the seafood appetizer platter and went at it.



After that: off to Waldvogel’s Farm. PUMPKINS!

This place, you guys. It’s huge. There are 25 muthah-effing activities for the kids. TWENTY-FIVE. Train rides, spooky haunted houses, slides, petting zoo, a maze, swings, bouncy things, two separate car tracks… We started with the train ride, then worked our way around the grounds.


That scarecrow by the toilet, I just die. I swear it was set up to look like it’s using the toilet, but when we got closer it was pushing a plunger down the toilet bowl. Ooookay.

Anyhoo: there were this giant bouncy animal pen and the boys loved that, we spent a huge chunk of time there. The place has so much to do – we didn’t fit it all in and we spent over 3 hours playing. Definitely worth the drive, you guys.





We finished our visit by actually getting our pumpkins. Hayride, YES! Pumpkin patch, YES!



Pete found a massive pumpkin. It’s huge, you guys. He wants to paint it, and I’m fine with that because lordy, if I had to gut that thing I’d be scraping it out up to my armpit. Ew.

So anyway: that was our visit. I think this might be an annual thing because for real, our kids both passed out in the car and they slept like the dead that night. Total win.

Okay that concludes our annual trek for pumpkins.


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