October-ish update

Sooo where were we when I last touched this thing? Early September or something? Yeah that seems about right…

I swear I did not ignore this blog on purpose, it just organically happened with the start of school, learning bus schedules and new schools and after-school activities and new commutes and blah blah BLAAAAAH.  You know, the normal stuff we all go through.  Anyway, I apologize profusely and promise I have a handle back on things now.  A little bit of catch-up images below, just things we’ve been up to the past month-ish.

And it’s long and fuuuuuull of pictures, there’s your warning.

So! Moose’s daycare had a picnic around mid-September.  It was looooovely, and Pete got along smashingly with all of Linus’ daycare buds.  Pete played with them and Linus contently played football by himself. Typical.


Linus worked on that time-honored childhood tradition of licking metal window screens.


Mah birrrrrfday! The boys took me out for a rare-beer tasting at the restaurant down the street, then a low-key celebration at home. My kinda birthday. Especially now that I’m staring down the barrel of FORTY YEARS OF OLD PERSON. That’s okay though, my mid-life crisis blue hair surely fools people into thinking I’m still only 20 (…right?). Also I am trying to emulate Gwynnie and have the ass of a 22-year-old stripper by 40. I’m… well, I’m certainly nowhere near that. But it’s gotta be the butt of at least an mid-30-something, thanks to all those spin classes + squats. So there’s that.


Yeah sorry I’m not giving a butt picture (mainly because all y’all will laugh that I called it the butt of maybe a 30-something-ish person).

We had the celebratory cake, which also doubled as a birthday cake for dear old Scott (who got a Chicago trip out of his birthday, we just didn’t announce the birthday-part too loudly because he’s less excited than me about almost being 40. Probably because his hair isn’t blue).


I… baked and pickled some stuff?  I’ll be honest I put some of these images in this post forever ago and can’t remember why.  And I’m too lazy to take them out.  But do know that these freaking chocolate-chip blondies, pictured directly below, are the damned devil and will add about 5 pounds to your frame.  Because you’ll inhale the entire pan before the day is done.  That however does not stop me from making them on the regular.



Pretty sure I only prepped/posted these because I thought his hair looked funny that day. Yep.


Here are some of the boys getting along smashingly. Moose has finally taken down his guard and fully embraced his brother’s weirdness. And WHAT DO YOU KNOW, IT TURNS OUT MOOSE HIMSELF IS ALSO A WEIRD PERSON. They play together almost nonstop at home now.

Anyway, this realization and acceptance has led to him actually being randomly affectionate towards him. Weird.




We took a trip up North-ish a bit and stopped at Fondy, where I was born and raised. More on that another time.


Also hit up a pumpkin patch. Also more on that later…



It’s been really warm here! Almost unnerving. We’re supposed to get an unseasonably warm/drier winter, and hey – not complaining. Thank you, El Nino. It feels weird to be decorating for Halloween while the temps are the mid 70s though I won’t lie.




I shot some photos for my friend Marta on her wedding day, and while at the ceremony location (a CAAAAAVE) I gots myself a pretty new rock.


BTW, Moose had a birthday… (Oh yeah, you know you’re getting more on that shizz later.)






Other than that: we randomly lost power one night and Pete melted a hole in our TV with a candle, I permanently scarred my child by taking him out to see that blood supermoon, and Linus learned to say “dammit”. Which: I think brings you up to speed on things.


Have a great week my friends – many, many more posts to come, I promise.


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