Peter – Six

AS USUAL! This is woefully late, please forgive me. I shot the photos and wrote it four months ago you guys, FOUR. MONTHS. AGO. I tossed all the video clips in a folder and confidently told myself it’d take me an evening at most to figure out the new movie-maker software. Ha. Hahahahahahahaha. So I finally just sat down last night and sweated it out and got the thing somehow cobbled together, finished by 2am. And yeah, as per my usual video mastery, it’s a little wonky with repeated clips and weird cuts. I care not. It’s finished and done before Moose’s birthday hit. GO ME I TOTALLY DESERVE A BEER.

Anyhoo – on with the show.



Everyone tells you that there is That Year where they go from little to Big in a blink. And for Pete, this was that year.

My mop-headed shorty is now not-so-shorty, and suddenly has very passionate opinions. He can side-eye, he questions my judgement sometimes, he tries to soothe me when he knows I’m stressed. He weighs his options and makes wise (or unwise…) choices.  He is calm in most situations, much moreso than I ever was at that age. He gets that even-keel personality from his daddy, thank goodness.


This year he grew gangly limbs. His precious springy curls have softened to a soft wave, darker too, now that his unruly Boy Hair is completely in. He has zippy foot races with his friends and loves to dance hip hop and is way more coordinated than I ever expected him to be at this point.

And while all of that is normal and nice and everything, it also is crazy weird. When, my little child, did you get so darn big?


Anyway, you guys. Enough of that. What’s happened this year? Lots. LOTS. He’s still very sensitive, and because of that we’ve had a rough year. He started Kindergarten, then we quickly switched back to pre-K. His teacher was really worried about his stress levels. After a long meeting with the principal and teachers one afternoon, we picked him up from the AfterCare room and then gently broke the news to him in the car as we left: maybe it would be good to go back to Pre-K. He was his usual Peter self, optimistic, immediately seeing the positive in the move. Sure, he would love to be an Older Kid Helper for his pre-K teacher! It’ll be fun! And he missed Miss Theresa anyway, this is a great idea and he couldn’t wait to tell her he’d be back, oh man she’ll be so excited! And then once things were settled, and Scott and I confidently went back to an adult conversation in the front, distracted by dinner plans and other random crap, I heard him say softly, sadly from the back seat, all to himself:

“But I am not stupid.”

OMG you guys, just: Parenthood. Parenting can be some real shit sometimes.


But! It really was the best option. He grew, he flourished. Hip hop class was something I signed him up for on a whim and it proved to be a saving Grace. He came out of the Kindergarten situation insecure and anxious, and his hip-hop teacher brought out his confidence and a drive in him I have never seen.

He’s so creative, and seems to have a good head for numbers. He can make friends with anyone in an instant, it’s always shocking to me (introvert that I am) how well he can put a stranger at ease. Happy, charming Peter. He also questions lots of things, which is kinda infuriating. But hey, now we can now have real, actual conversations, which is also rather nice.

He loves all things mustard-y, vinegar-y, and sour. We’ve been sneaking a little more heat into our dishes, and if he isn’t told it’s in there he eats it with relish. He adores anything mint, which is funny because neither Scott nor I are particularly fond of mint-flavored things. He was pretty pumped to order his Creme de Menthe birthday cake this year. Halloween is his favorite holiday. Star Wars and Minecraft are his latest obsessions. Jayhawk Crimson and Blue are his favorite colors (because: good boy).


And while he still loves cats, he is fine with leaving Momo in his room all day. Sometimes he loses him, maybe forgotten overnight in the living room or left in his backpack, neglected in a corner of the basement playroom… Those things have happened more than once. He doesn’t really notice. Gets me in the Feels, him outgrowing Momo, but hey: that’s life. And Momo can come live with me when the time comes I am totally cool with that.


Happy birthday, bubs.  Can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

See also: Five. Four. Three. Two. And One.


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