Yum Yum Fest 2015


Posting before I forget entirely about this little thing.

Months ago, I purchased tickets to Yum Yum Fest. What is Yum Yum Fest, you ask? Well! – Yum Yum Fest is an annual ‘festival’ organized by the Madison Area Chefs Network, to benefit food-related programming for children. The festival features dishes and drinks from ~20-ish of our favorite restaurants/chefs in the Madison Area, at a mere $5 per tasting dish/drink. And there are musical acts throughout the evening to keep you as entertained as the food.

How could we not attend, really? I missed out on tickets last year and was really bummed about it, so we were sure to purchase early this year. Soon enough the weekend was upon us, so we headed out for Central Park…



We got 10 tickets for food, and used 2 on a beer each for Scott and me (hello, do you know us…).  That left 8 for food…  We stuffed ourselves with… (drumroll please…)

(L to R, top): Korean BBQ bowl, Duck-confit-and-roasted-corn risotto (with popcorn shoots), and a plum ice cream push-up.

(L to R, middle): handmade sausage and peppers on masa cake, The glorious Heritage Tavern pig head (didn’t actually eat that…), and salmon on bed of potatoes, with eggplant mayo and a fresh tomato caviar.

(L to R, bottom): Bacon S’mores, Tuna on wonton with crema and veggies, and roasted pork carnitas.


So yeah, basically we all ate our way through it.  Then we ran around and danced and eventually made our way back home.


Impromptu photo shoot on the way out.


So long, Yum Yum Fest.  Until next year…


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