Weekend Ramblings 8-23-2015



I am writing this with a fancy face mask on my face (because it expires in a week, and also coincidentally because wearing a face mask keeps me from stuffing my face with these cookies) and a good movie on in the background, so will be quick. And also the fact that this is about a week late means I should also be short but succinct.


The week!  Well there was not a whole ton to report, but I do have to brag that I actually crawled out of my introverted hole a few times to interact with other human beings in a normal fashion.  First up was Marta’s bachelorette party.  I arrived at Hilldale a little earlier than planned, so spent my time (and money) cruising Anthropologie before meeting up with the gals at Pasquals.  Then off we all went at the appointed time to Lush, where we feted Marta with champagne and cupcakes and were all kinds of pampered.   Facials, massages, product demos, made our own bath bombs, and also private shopping.  PRIVATE SHOPPING, I AM IN HEAVEN.  I didn’t bring my camera because I felt a little self-conscious doing that, so you’re going to see some crappy phone pictures.  Sorry not sorry.

These are some of my friends wearing assorted face masks, scrubs, toners, and whatnot. I am sharing because I am a bad friend.  There are no pictures of me in my oatmeal-cookie-smelling face mask, thankfully (probably because they were nice enough to realize no one wants to see that).

We were all given a monetary credit and let loose to shop at the end. I pretty much bought all the things, as one does in Lush anyway. I got all the Fun soap colors for the boys (Pete LOOOOOOVES them), bath bombs, and that cookie-dough face mask. Which I am currently wearing. I want cookies.




This weekend we actually cooked a meal, which is worth noting given it’s end of summer and the garden/CSA bounty is good and what the hell, lets just snarf it all down in salads, raw with a bit of salt, or in a quick saute as a side dish. Sandwiches for all! Except for our favorite roasted summer-tomato pasta, that stuff is the shizz, and I have no issues heating up my kitchen to make it all the time.


Linus and I also made cookies, partially because I felt like baking and partially just to keep Baby Dennis the Menace busy so he doesn’t flush more items down the toilet or dump random things from the pantry all over the carpet.

PS – our vacuum died, like right after vacuuming up a full box of cereal he squashed into the carpet. Toddlers are so fun, you guys.


On Sunday we headed to Yum-Yum Fest, which was all kinds of awesome and deserves a post all on its own, so that will come later in the week. For now enjoy just a few outtakes from that.



Peace out – off to wash my face.


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