Week stuff 8-30


Tired. Not sure why, not the most grueling of weekends, but then again: 3 workouts, 2 spin classes, and 1 sleep-deprived toddler. Plus lots of house cleaning, closets organized, floors cleaned countless times (gawd, toddlers are messy things), and I randomly re-potted several plants. A year ago, I was known for my plant-killing ways. These days I can’t keep up, they are outgrowing pots. Random.

Oh, and made Danish pancakes.

(Okay fine, they were frozen and from TJs. Still baked them myself.)


Toddlers are maniacs. He’s lucky he’s also terribly funny and has weird hair, otherwise he’d be out on the curb with a For Sale sign.


Pete’s cameo, he shows up from time to time.

Oh, and Sunday I went out to the Cave with superstar Marta, to sneak in and scout wedding spots. It was fun. I can’t wait for that wedding, folks.


PEACE – another expiration-closing face mask needs to be applied and then I need to sneak in some sleep. Talk again soon.


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