Second verse, same as the first.  Cooler weather on the way riiiiiight nooooow so next weekend’s festivities should be much nicer!  Not to mention: I got the nasty cold, then Scott got the nasty cold, we are both still coughing our guts out HOWEVER – while we down for the count the last few weekends, we should be ready to roll and enjoy summer again come this next weekend.  THANK THE LAWD.

Anyhoo. Thanks to crappy chest colds and the heat, we spent a good chunk of time inside.  The boys tore the house apart, had more than a few dance parties, and did a lot of healthy bed-jumping to supplement their exercise.







By Sunday Scott felt a weeeee bit less like death warmed over (I could have told him that it would be a short reprieve before the ugly virus raised its head again, but I didn’t want to kill his spirit so just rolled with it).  So we hit up the Monroe St. Farmers Market, which is (blissfully) on a Sunday and therefore helpful if you miss the DCFM (or our other haunt, the Hillside Market). We got tomatoes and cukes, some kettle corn, and the nice folks at Ernies fawned over the kiddos and then gave the boys cups-ful of rainbow corn as well.  Because: spoiled.  Linus enjoyed watching all the airplanes overhead between bites.



He actually spilled the remainder of his cup on the ground, he was so busy freaking out over airplanes.  Whoops.  Thankfully planes trumped snacks and he was okay with it (whew).

We got home and cleaned and stuff, all the usual weekend stuff, then went outside to tend the plants and ended up spending the rest of the late afternoon goofing around out there.





That’s all, dudes.  Catching up on all sorts of stuff, so more goodies to come soon…


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