Dog Days.

It’s hot.  It’s humid.  We have lost all desire to cook dinner in our kitchen, instead living off grilled things and BLTs and chopped veggies. We flip-flop between hiding inside in the cool AC watching TV and working with Perler bead crafts, and just accepting it’s gonna be gross and hot outside and just embracing this dastardly weather.

Hello, August, nice to see you.

Daycare was closed unexpectedly this week, which wasn’t the biggest issue because I still felt like death warmed over thanks to that nasty cold/flu thing (which is still clinging deep in my chest…).  Home with both boys, lots of trips on bikes exploring our neighborhood, playing at the park, walking the wetlands and the conservatory. And ice cream.  And water fights.




Funny story: at the park a bunch of kids Moose’s age were kinda hanging out together with their moms, and since this is a wee little park by our house I thought I’d be friendly and head over there with my own toddler, but when I turned to coax him over I found him talking lovingly to the park bench, occasionally leaning over to moon at it and kiss it.  Soooo, nevermind actually.

8-13-002 8-13-003 8-13-004 8-13-005

One of those days we hit up the local nursery – I have quite the collection of houseplants these days, and one that I bought when a wee plant – my lovely split-leaf philodendron, which was growing nice and big – had some kind of bug problem. None of my other plants seemed affected, but whatever gross bug it was, it was really enjoying my poor philo. So we hit up the local nursery with pictures, they found us a spray to apply and also I couldn’t just go to the nursery and not come home with a few new babies…. So I have a (wee, tiny) staghorn-or-birds-nest fern (time will tell on that…) and another (wee, tiny) snake plant, and Scott just groaned because we have pretty much run out of counter/ledge/window space for all these plant children of mine. Whatever, deal dude.


Yeah, our Perler-bead addiction is getting out of hand, too. Stocked up on more beads this weekend.

Also we had some epic water fights in the yard. This is how you deal with heat and humidity on the cheap – fill some tubs with water and toss a bunch of random toys/cups/spray bottles out there. Try to aim towards the gardens while you’re at it, boys. BOOM.




That’s it for today – will upload more another day.  Stay cool (as in not sweltering), my friends.


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