Sunflowers and The Plague

Hellllooooo! I have a nasty chest cold but wanted to get a post up. Even though I am kinda delirious right now and would like nothing more than to pass out. For the third time today. (No shame.)

ANYWAY. Here are some pictures from the Pope Conservatory Sunflower Field! I was told to come here. Kansas people love sunflowers, duh. But for real, it was gorgeous and I’m glad we went, even though it was packed and Linus threw the biggest temper tantrum known to man (and he’s not even TWO, we are SCREWED, guys, everyone and I mean EVERYONE stared as we dragged his screaming snot-covered self back to the car. Nyquil me.)



So sometime around Friday, right around the time I got Linus down for bed, I felt the Plague upon me.  Fever chills, muscle aches, all the sads when I hear that Rachel Platten song, the works people.  I’ve gone through 2 boxes of Kleenex and a roll of toilet paper, plus it has migrated to my chest.  WEEEEEE.  The kids and I hung out and I was able to get off a few pictures, so there’s that at least.  Linus loves his $1 blue foam crown from Joann Fabrics.  I am not sure why but whatever, own it baby.  Also Pete is about 2 seconds from losing his 3rd tooth. Those things fall out crazy fast once they start, man.


We got our CSA and pretty much 60% of it was different from what they said in the email, so I’m kinda scrambling. At least there are not 3 kinds of cabbage as originally promised. So anyway, even through my fever dreams (and while the kids destroyed the living room and playroom) I have been able to make strawberry oatmeal bars, orzo roasted-veggie salad, and I cut up the melons for the kids. Which they devoured in less than 4 hours.

Also if Pete is good he gets Scott’s old phone in the evenings as his Screen Time, and it’s kinda creepy how much they resemble each other…

Oh and I finally made a big print from a vacation (from Cannon Beach, where we were exactly a year ago weirdly enough) and got it on the wall. Finally art is going up in this hizzz-ouse, woo hoo.


Yeah that’s all I got, peeps. Have a good weekend.  I’ve got another shot of cold meds and will chug a giant glass of water, then I’m outtie.  Have a good week.


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