Mustard Day Update Thingie

Yeeeeah so next year?  I think I might go back to the Sunday updates, because it just works better that way.  Not sure what I was thinking, “updating by occasion”, Haaaaaaaaaaaaa…

Okay so this weekend! Last weekend I was workin’ on Liz’s wedding and have been culling/editing that (more on that later…) and lately I’ve been CONSUMED with spinning classes (more on that later too…) and my house, it is DIRTY and time for the Quarterly Giant Scrub Down, so that happened this weekend.  But all that stuff aside!  We found some time to have fun, and that was because this weekend was MUSTARD FEST.

Actually I think technically it’s called “National Mustard Day”, but anyway the Mustard Museum in downtown Middleton has a mini festival to celebrate.  We went once, right after we moved here.  Last year we were doing the Oregon thing, so missed it.  But this year!  This year, we headed down to check it out. Kinda helps that it’s a 4-ish minute drive for us now.  We went kinda late, when they were not long from shutting down for the day.  There was a band there, though, so we listened for a sec.


Linus was less than impressed.


Then we hit the Bounce House area! That was a bigger hit.


And Weiner-mobiled.



And then we walked down to get a late lunch, because we never actually went and got our free hot dogs (FOR SHAME) or mustard samples (FOR SHAME) so pizza it is.  .


Linus showed off his muscles while we waited for the pizza to get to our table


Stud.  And that’s it, my friends!


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