The Third Coast – Day 2

You guys, I was just thinking about how I needed to get my butt in gear and finish my Lake Michigan write-up, and realized: in one of my ‘Grinder Evenings’ where I kick photo-editing catch up into high gear, I had indeed already collage-ed the photos and added them to a post, so they were actually finished like a week ago and are just waiting for some words. Ummmmmm oops?

So hey, guess what! Looks like I’m ready after all! Let’s knock this out and move along shall we? Day Two… We woke up kinda early-ish (okay not really, we laid around like beached whales until 8am while the kidlets watched cartoons and raided the car-snack stash, which we conveniently left on the floor near the closet. Licorice for breakfast, sure whatever works.).

We planned to drive up the peninsula and hit a few spots, but we stopped at the local beach on the way out because: preeeeeettttttty. Also I wanted to cruise on the garage sale across the street again. Obsessed. Also we had left the AC running when we went to sleep, and it’s a window unit, so it was like a meat freezer in our room by the time we woke up. Lovely.

lk-mi-001 lk-mi-002 After digging frantically in the sand because Pete was sobbing because I BURIED MY MINECRAFT LEGO GUYS AND I CAN’T REMEMBER WHERRRRRRRRRRRE, we eventually located the missing Lego men and dragged our butts back to the car. Sister Bay and Door County Creamery, here we come.

This spot is a must when you hit up Door County. Just a small shop, but the best goat cheese in the land. IN THE LAND. Jesse and Rachael love what they do and it shows. We got some of the goat-cheese gelato, narrowing it down to the roasted-fig almond and the stracciatella. The best, oh my gosh – the creamiest, richest gelato around. I was shocked it was made with goat’s milk, it’s very buttery and well… amazing. The food looked killer as well (did I mention that Jesse trained and worked as a chef in France for a time before coming back home to Sister Bay?). We stuck to gelato this visit, and stocked up on cheese and spent some quality time petting the babies in front. lk-mi-003 lk-mi-004 We bummed around downtown Sister Bay for awhile, like the rest of the beach-side towns dotting the area there were lots of cute boutiques and shops and restaurants. We ended up at a park, which was charmingly squeezed between a beach and a walk-up bar with garden seating. BRILLIANT. I mean, unfortunately it was before noon and that was a wee bit early to start drinking for us, but hey. Still brilliant. Pete played at the park, Linus and I walked the beach and docks, and we just stood around enjoying things for a bit. Nice nice nice. lk-mi-005 We drove back down a bit and hit up Ephraim, mainly because I wanted to visit Anderson Dock (no shame, I fully admit it was for the photo opportunities). lk-mi-006 It’s covered in names, going back decades. You are welcome to paint on your own (if you find room), but we chose to instead see if we could find our own. Lo and behold: Scott spotted a Moose, with a Pete right next to it. T’was always meant to be, those two. lk-mi-007 lk-mi-008 We wandered back down the coast a bit, then cut across to the Lake Michigan side. Our plan was to hit up Door County Brewing Company, as we had read good things. The problem: as it was the 4th of July, there were several small celebrations going on across the Door, and Bailey’s Harbor (where the brewery is located) held the county parade. Which was winding down, just as we hit town. Weeeeeeee!

Actually it wasn’t terribly bad and we found some parking a few blocks down (that ain’t nuthin’ when you live in a city). So we grabbed our picnic stuff and hoofed it down to the brewery. lk-mi-009 They don’t have food so if you want something to eat, better bring your own (or hope the taco guy is there that day peddling his goods). We brought a bag with our finds from the Creamery, as well as cured sausage and pickles and things. Drinks for the kids, beer for us. Ahhhhh. Good stuff too; we bought a 6-pack to take back. lk-mi-010 lk-mi-011 Once done with our dinner and beers, we hit the road once again. We took our time, enjoyed the views, and eventually headed over to PC Junction/Pizza Czar. This place, to me, is a true gem. The wait can be pretty long (at least if you want seating at the PC Junction bar, which: you do), and the food is nothing to write home about. But! These two eateries are on a huge lot of land, full of all kinds of playground-type curiosities and a pedal-car race track. Also, they have a walk-up bar. So you can get yourself a cheap margarita, kick back, and relax while your kids run themselves ragged for hours.

And that’s just what we did – put in our names for the (train-delivered) bar area, and chilled. Our seats were actually ready in about half an hour, which is quick (then again, it was like 3pm). We got some root beers and ice cream, and sat enjoying the train for awhile. lk-mi-012 Then back outside, to PLAAAAAAY! lk-mi-013.5 We went ahead and grabbed a family pedal-kart this time, we figured what the heck. Plopped the boys in the front, and off we went. Ummmmmm the ‘race trails’ seem a lot more narrow when you’re pedaling these things. Also I was wearing a cute little shift dress, which I realized only after pedaling was not the best choice for that day. Oh well, sorry for flashing you, peeps. lk-mi-013 lk-mi-014 And that concluded our day in Door County. Eventually we packed it in and headed back to Algoma for the evening. We hit up our motel first, hoping that Linus would maybe take a late, short nap (spoiler: nope, nope). We chilled, watched some Cartoon Network, then decided to hit the beach again. We figured we’d picnic again (I am the queen of picnics this summer, y’all), enjoy this beautiful setting, so we picked up some Subway subs and hit the beach for a lovely, pretty, beachy picnic.

That was the dumbest idea I have ever had. lk-mi-015 Have you ever picnicked on a beach? Well, let me describe how it goes. You lay down your blanket. You get your stuff in the middle of the blanket. Then, everyone tries to carefully eeeeeease their way onto the blanket, because: sand. But oh, the sand still gets kicked up on and your blanket. So you sloooooooowly move limbs as to not kick up even more sand onto the food, only oh no, you totally still do, and then as you eat and try to jostle without kicking up more sand you instead kick up TONS of sand, and move your food to keep sand from getting on it, which makes more sand kick up, and THEN your toddler thinks it’s all very funny and starts picking up handfuls of sand and dropping them on the blanket… Pete is my angel child, he is chill and goes with the flow most of the time and never has a mean word for anyone or anything. Except for this picnic, he very angrily stated “who in the world has a picnic at the BEACH!” before standing up and walking away.

Yeah it was that bad. So what we mostly ended up doing was grabbing our sandwiches, abandoning the picnic area we had set up, and just wandered around the beach and skipped rocks and stuff. The end.

And yes, best believe I had a bottle of Rosé packed away too, to make our Subway dinner seem a little more respectable. Instead it helped Scott and I keep our sanity. Yay yay for Rosé! lk-mi-016 lk-mi-017 lk-mi-018 Eventually we headed to the motel because it was getting dark, boo hoo. lk-mi-019 We bathed the chillens and tucked them into their beds, but alas. Forget the fact that they had a long, busy day: they were hyper. So they chattered and played weird brother type games that us grown ups did not understand, and finally Scott and I were like WE ARE OUTTA HERE YOU FOOLS, GO TO SLEEP WHEN YOU’RE DONE. We then retired to the sitting area outside the motel room, with a beer and the rest of that lovely wild-ramp goat cheese. Mini date! lk-mi-020 Catch ya later kids.


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