Symphony at the Zoo

Woooooo boy – I have posts upon posts to catch up on, and no excuses really except that summertime is pretty busy. I always look forward to summer break because I think life will slow down or be less hectic and all I have to say to that is HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, ha. Who the hell slows for summer? Yeah, no one.

Duh. So anyway where was I going with this? Not sure. Just wanted to alert you that we’re busy enjoying the warmth just like all y’all and I’m trying my best to catch up on stuff…

We went to Strings and Wild Things at local zoo this past Friday – it’s an annual fundraiser where you pay for entry (we usually have a free zoo in Madison, be jealous) but get to bring a blanket and enjoy the sounds of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. They have several food trucks on site and also (best of all to the boys): FREE CAROUSEL AND TRAIN RIDES.

So you can probably guess where we started out…


Linus is officially maturing, because while he was happy to ride the carousel just a few weeks ago, he was certifiably TERRIFIED of the animals this week. Go figure. So we hit the bench and whatever, he survived. Pete enjoyed himself at least.

Then we hit up the food trucks, stocked up on goodies, and revisited our blanket to settle in and enjoy the concert. The mac n’ cheese offering was a hit with the boys, they jockeyed for all the choice bits in the cup.



I also splurged and got a “glass” of wine, for $6. It was the tiniest cup of (very cheap) wine that I have ever seen. I shared with Scottie and he did it right by raising his pinky in its honor.


We actually made it to the end, which I was not expecting (instead I expected a toddler meltdown around 8pm). Now, I will admit that Linus hit that WALL and did not fall asleep until almost 11p, after almost 2 hours of whining and screaming, but hey. It was still a fun night while we were there, so, win?

I have nothing else to say for the weekend other than that we cleaned the house ALL OVER THE PLACE, like gave it the complete scrub-down it needed. And I finally dumped Pete’s beloved plant. It had it coming, though – several months ago I bought him this hen-n-chicks plant, he lovingly cared for it, and all it did in return was shoot straight up all weirdly (um, very un-hen-n-chicks-like). So he was all excited and was all, look! My plant is turning into a pineapple! Uh, suuuuuure… Eventually it produced these blooms, then started to sag. I walked it out to the dumpster and gave it a proper burial this weekend. Rest in peace, rebel hen-n-chicks plant thingie. I have no idea what that was you did there, but thanks for the show.

Oh and the second picture is a mug I lovingly bought for Scottie a at a thrift store. How could I turn that down…


Have a good week, all.


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