Week in Review-ish or Something Yeah That’s It!

I know I officially gave up posting on Sundays, but it’s been a long time and I’m sludging through the Door County photos so I thought I’d just do this anyway.

Busy week, guys! And I didn’t even drag my phone around for the half of it.

Linus and I were home on Monday.  We ran errands, it was especially interesting.  I mean, at Woodman’s we not only saw the Duckmobile in the wild, but I also used the ladies room for the first time ever.  It is toilet-paper LUXE in there. Pick a roll, any roll your heart desires, we have dozens to choose from!


At least we had a pickle party in the afternoon – Coco’s sun pickles (THE BEST), pickled broccoli, and spicy pickled radishes.  Yum, yum, and yum.


We ran around a ton this week, then the weekend hit.  Pete and I did our long-honored tradition of thrifting on Saturday morning.  We walked into St. Vinny’s and I found a piece of art I immediately liked, from the moment I spied it from across the room.  Love at first sight.  I walked towards it and started internally bargaining with myself, deciding I’d even pay $75 whole dollars (big spender alert!) on that thing.  It is that much my style, I’ve got a room ready for her and everything.  Then I got in front of it and saw it was $1,500.  AT A THRIFT STORE, YOU GUYS.  Nope.  Nope, nope, nope.  Guess some other suckah gets to take that beauty home.


Lots of catching up, and sneaked in a ballgame with my ACSESS buds on Saturday night.  We saw Maynard, stuffed ourselves on all the food/beverages that came with our tickets, and I got to catch up with everyone.  Scottie, meanwhile, was the saint that ran around and kept the boys entertained.  Or maybe it was the other way around, because those kids did a LOT of running.  At any rate, by some miracle we made it to the end of the game, and even got to see the fireworks (granted, from the parking lot.  While Linus had a nervous breakdown from his car seat, because MAMA NO NO NOOOO SO LOUD OMG!).  But it was still a great night, even given the screaming (and they both passed out like the second we got home, and slept for like 10 hours straight, that is seriously amazing in kid-time).


Sunday we did more chores, errands, and then went downtown for the annual Art Fair on the Square. Pete’s dance studio was performing at the North stage, and his dance was included in the final cut to perform, so away we went.  We gave ourselves plenty of time to arrive, and ended up at the Square a full hour before show time. Luckily, the stage was right by the Children’s Museum, so we popped in and tried to soothe the nerves via distraction there.


Uh, Linus spent a good chunk of time hiding in the old vintage phone booth and pretending to shout orders via the phone, totally in a weirdly wrong way because kids his age will never recognize an actual old rotary phone nor a photo booth. (Also I totally put the wrong lens on my camera before leaving, thought I had my 24mm, whoops.  Rookie move.)

By the time we walked down to the stage Pete was beyond nervous, even though he played it cool (for the most part).  So there were about 10 kids in his dance originally, but only Pete, Rhys, and Calebe actually showed up for this dance (whoops).  Plus this is way different than the recital, because the boys were not blinded by stage lights and basically dancing to darkness, but instead they saw every last pair of eyeballs in attendance boring into them and staring at their souls.  NO PRESSURE YOU GUYS.


That said, they did really well.  They kinda forgot what the hell was going on in the middle, and they all flailed about like a bunch of dying fish for awhile, but they eventually recovered and finished and even got a healthy applause not once, but TWICE from the audience, for their supreme effort.  Well done, boys.


We had our picnic blanket (and in the last 3 minutes before leaving the house, I thought to pack some cheese/sausage/crackers/cookies for our wait), so we noshed and watched the other dances and had a great time.  And WHEW, but I think those boys were so happy to be done.

-PicMonkey Collage-

It was also a major mess.  We tend to have about a 50% success rate on picnics, and this one landed in the Fail category.  Linus dropped all the cheese and sausage in a mulch pile, the kids all did the Hat Dance on the blanket and dirtied/squished all our crackers, and the boys hogged all the cookies and cotton candy for themselves. Welp, that just gave Scott and I the excuse to pig out later after we got home, SO THERE.

Then we went home, caught up on stuff, and I made the best taco salad in the land (my Muzzy’s recipe, obviously).  And here we are, catching up on stuff.  Oh, and I totally missed my high school reunion this weekend (OBVIOUSLY THE FIVE-YEAR ONE GIVEN MY AGE AS YOU CAN SEE FROM PHOTOS) so that was kinda sad.  Trying to talk them into a re-do next year, because that’s doable I mean duh!  Then I dyed my tips blue this evening, and rubbed some onto all the random temple grays I have just for good measure, because I am clearly still very young and beautiful and this colored hair thing is totally not a mild mid-life crisis of sorts, TOTALLY.

Anyway, maybe next year I can re-do my 20-year (I MEAN FIVE YEAR) reunion with all these dorks.  Find the dorky Nems, you guys!  Hint: check for a wrist scrunchie.




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