Father’s Day 2015

Okay so first, I’d like to think I got the party started an evening early, because Saturday night after the boys went to bed I made Scott one of our favorite dips ever: Esquite. Exactly like the Mexican street corn (elote), except a million times less messy. Even works with frozen corn if you don’t want to cut it off the ears. Make it, you won’t be sorry. MAKE! IT! [ETA Nemmie Note: found out what I was calling “elote dip” actually has its own name and is called esquite. You fancypants Mexicans! I’ll stop being a hillbilly and correct the name…]


So anyway: FATHER’S DAY! Greenbush donuts for breakfast, showered Dad with hugs and presents, mucking around Atwood for lunch/brewskis, then back home with the nuts for some quality bonding time (mostly because: LAWDY IT WAS TOO HOT OUT PLEASE TRANSPORT US BACK TO OUR AIR CONDITIONING).


(Yes, that child is wearing minion underpants on his head. His latest obsession is digging in his brother’s dresser drawers and plucking out fresh ‘hats’ to wear.)

(Also also: yes, Pete’s face is jacked up. That’s a story for another day.)


Tex Tubbs! Every taco you can think of, and they do them right (Austin style? Yes please.). Food Fight restaurants can never do you wrong. I love that they all have their own quirky theme and good food. And this one has a salsa bar and are well stocked with dinosaurs to keep the kids busy.



Then One Barrel for a beer and growler fill (and a few rousing games of Connect Four).


The next few pictures are why we have family photos taken every year. No way to get us all in them, and the kids are too squirrelly for me. Brats.


Then we headed home to hide in the AC. Linus went down for a long, late nap. Scott went and laid in bed and read a book (I told him to nap but he did that instead. Fool.). Pete and I went outside and played with water balloons to pass the time. Then later I made calico beans and cornbread for dinner. Oh, and I made peanut-butter-Oreo-stuffed brownies for dessert. That man can never say I didn’t do anything nice for him, nope.


And that’s all she wrote. Went by way too fast, as these things do. Happy Father’s Day, darling. XOXO, you’re the best.



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