Every time June hits, it’s like a Peter party. He graduates (or school ends), his birrrrfday rolls around (hands in the air, y’all!), and now he has an annual dance recital as well. Needless to say: it’s been a nutty week around here. Let’s give you the highlights.

Preschool graduation, redux. Final time (fingers crossed 😉 )



Birthday! So streamers and lunch out and cake.



And he requested a trip to the zoo, so off we went.



And finally: dance recital. Reunited with my favorite motley crew.


I was the “Class Co-Captain” (along with Jason, Rhys’ dad). I have (obviously) never done this shit before. Random bits of useless info from that:

I made a huge bowl of snack mix! Star Wars grahams and cheddar bunnies and pretzels and M&Ms! I even tossed in a few handfuls of banana chips for good measure. I am awesome. I made a metric shit-ton of this stuff, more than enough for a wild pack of hungry children.

unnamed (1)

Then, when I whipped out the giant bag to present it to the eagerly awaiting boys, I proceeded to drop it and crush/spill about one-third of the giant Ziploc contents on the floor.

Yep. (I cleaned it up and full confession, it left teeny crushed-bunny crumbs all over, and I totally had to give all the boys a thorough pants-leg brush down before dragging them up for all the curtain calls.)

Also! I totally walked into the Mens room when I had to use the bathroom, just because I was so used to escorting little boys there every 15 minutes, and I think I permanently scarred some poor little boy when I looked up and saw a line of urinals (one of which he was at) and I literally screamed and then was all OMGGGGG!!! I AM SO SORRY I THOUGHT THIS WAS WOMENS!!! as I turned tail and fled. Sorry, buddy.

I missed the first call for Finale and ended up racing nine 5-year-olds through the halls of the Overture basement, loud-hissing at people to GET OUT OF THE WAY WE NEED TO BE ON STAGE LIKE NOWWWWWWWWW!

Spoiler: we made it. Just fine. Pretty sure all those other kids we passed by had to be on stage too. They all made it fine.

The studio owner knows the Vosges people and they donate candy bars to the kids every year!

And Pete got the coconut/curry bar.


Actually: he snarfed it down and called it delicious, so I guess what do I know about what that tastes like?

So anyway! Many hours spent hanging out on the floor in the Green Room, playing games or watching Scooby Doo on various tablets/devices, and I am sorry but who would have ever guessed Scooby Doo would still be so cool with kids these days? They are all obsessed and I actually had to pry tablets from their hands to get them up for curtain calls and they were all MAKE SURE YOU PAUSE IT, PETER’S MOM! PLEASE PAUSE IT! Even though they all admitted they have seen every episode about a hundred times already.


We had a wee break between shows, so Pete and I ran down the street for Frites. Which were delicious, if not too plentiful (we almost literally had to roll ourselves out of there and we made it maybe a little more than half-way down the cone).


Those kiddos were troopers. Long day, two shows, so just like on dress rehearsal day but twice, and with great enthusiasm. Actually by the evening show the kids had lost steam, and you could kinda see it, but they still danced with (deflated) heart. Finale was interesting though. They were all sooooooo hyper from being cooped up all day. Even the well-behaved dudes were fidgety. Well, except for dear sweet Colin, he was always calm and happy and I would like to just adopt him now, please. (In case you are wondering, he’s the only somewhat calm, nicely-behaved one in the pictures below. You’ll see.)


FIN! All done! After the evening performance I tossed some flowers at that fool, kicked out all the kids, and we headed home. Oh, and Pete got a Happy Meal on the way home because that is the highest honor ever to be bestowed upon a human for a job well done. According to him.


And oh yes, that (finally) concludes Peterpalooza, we all went home and crashed. I need about 12 naps to catch up. But done, we’re done, that is all that matters! I survived. On to enjoying the rest of our summer.


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