Move Out Loud at the Overture Center

I have tons of posts and very little time to prep, sorry for the radio silence that is going on these days. However! Even with the neverending deadlines and end-of-school-year and summer camps and birthdays and all that muck: I prepped a post. Yes, I know. Bow down, bitches, I am clearly the master at LIFE.

Or something. But hey! Speaking of dancing – this past weekend, I had the distinct pleasure of helping out at the dress rehearsal for Move Out Loud‘s dress rehearsal for their recital next weekend. I am officially Class Captain, or Dance Mom, if you will. I know: fancy (or more like: crazy). Anyhoo – while Scott and Linus hit the market, Peter and I had to abstain from our usual gluttony-fest and instead walked down the street to the Overture Center to get started. First up: Finale practice.

This was 90 minutes mostly spent stuffed in a stairwell with 50 of his fellow dancers/dance parents, waiting to be called up to go on-stage to practice their curtsies and placement on stage. It was hot, stuffy, loud, and oh lordy, but thank Christ I stopped for a coffee at the market on the way, or I would not have survived. Also I thank the Lord that we were in the stairwell that contained all the wee children, because yeah, while it probably contained more agitated chillens – it also had 100% less B.O.


We were brought up to stage three times to figure it all out, and I must admit: it was fun. I’ve never done dance before and I’ve never doing theater or any of that type of thing, so being back stage is pretty cool. Those stage lights are crazy! Pete was at the front of the line to bring out his class, and, in true family fashion: he took off and fell flat on his face. The best part is that his teacher, who had been standing right next to him, calmly and gracefully picked him up and righted in him on his feet in 0.02 seconds and he was off again like he totally did not just completely faceplant in front of the entire Universe. Nicely done, sister.


After Finale we were free to GOOOO. We met up with Scott and Linus, then ran some errands, then Pete and I headed right back to the Overture because we had another four hours to spend there. Thank goodness for tablets and phones, that’s all I have to say. There was a lot of Minecraft play and YouTubing going on. First dance up: the Run-DMC homage.


This was the all-boys dance. I’m kinda bummed I’m stage mom this year, because I bet it looked pretty awesome from the seats.



After the first dance we had a good 90-minute break, so after connecting all the kidlets with their parents, Pete and I hit up the theater and watched the dances from the seats. You guys, I am a secret Dance Nerd. I have never been in dance but I am obsessed with So You Think You Can Dance and I loved going to my little sister’s recitals. So needless to say, I handed my phone to Pete to keep him sufficiently quiet and then enjoyed the performances. We were going to head out and get a snack on State St. but spent the entire time in the theater instead. Then we headed back to the Green Room to get changed and ready for Shell Shocked.



I think the boys were a little nervous, but their teacher came by and talked to them and they were good to go. Also the pretty ballerinas performing ahead of them helped to keep them calm, I like to think. Then they took the stage and they owned that thang.




Awesome. Afterwards I rewarded Pete with some cotton candy, as promised. Then home and off to bed.


Dress rehearsal is long. It’s hard. It’s kinda tiring, even if you aren’t doing the dancing. But damn, it’s also a rush.



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