Moose – 18 (ish) Months


Fine, 19 months. Actually, he’s almost 20 months. I am lazy and missed it, sorry dear second child.


Anyway. So what is the fine Moose up to these days? Here is a snapshot:

– He adores all things kitty. He even crawls around at least once a day and pretends he’s a cat, he has a screechy meow and expects to be petted and circles our legs. He’s got it bad, worse than Pete even I think (if that’s possible).

– Bed jumping = the best. He could do it all day.


– He’s massive, yep. Wearing clothes Pete wore when we moved to Madison (like, when Pete was a few weeks shy of THREE YEARS OLD).

– If someone says, “where’s Moose?”, he will emphatically yell “I’M THE MOOSH” and while jabbing himself in the chest.

– His best friend is his beloved ‘Broccoli’ (the carrot).


– I taught him to stick his booty in the air and shake it when he dances. No shame.

– He can be a real brat. I mean, I personally think he’s sharp as a whip, but man. With that comes some serious ‘tude. I am not looking forward to the Terrible Twos. And Threes. And all the rest of it…


– That said: while his dad is still his favorite person, he will now come to me with arms open to be picked up and snuggled. He even puts his wee head on my shoulder and sighs as if he actually enjoys it. Which has totally never been his style, not even as a newborn… Very un-Linus-like.

– He acts like he can hardly tolerate his annoying brother, glaring at him when he talks to him and pushing him away and dodging whenever Pete tries to hug and love on him. But then he cries pitifully whenever Peter leaves the house without him.


– We switched to a new daycare, one with a special little lady buddy just his age and all these awesome toys and even a fish that he loves to jabber about, and yet: and it took him FIVE WEEKS to stop screaming and clinging to me whenever I dropped him off in the morning. He is nothing if not stubbornly stubborn.

– When he says “Pete”, it comes out kinda like “Pish” sometimes, and I want to die laughing when he goes to bed at night and tells his brother good-night because it sounds exactly like he’s saying “Bye bitch!”.


– I am just going to end there because nothing beats a wee child happily tossing out a “Bye bitch!” at the end of the day.

So there’s the Moose in a nutshell, folks. He’s a tempermental, hard little toddler to own, but he’s pretty entertaining too, so I guess we’ll keep him.


Bye, bitch!


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