Memorial Day Weekend 2015

Oooooh Memorial Day Weekend…. Actually I had planned on prepping a bunch of blog posts, but housework and kids distracted me. As usual. Punks.


Anyway. Saturday we Brat-Fested. They had an area where, for five bucks apiece, kids got a wristband and could jump in the bounce houses to all their delight. They had, oh,… like 15 Bounce Houses set up in this area, easy. So to say we got our money’s worth, as we sat there for over an hour watching the kids bounce around, that would be an understatement. And Linus, he of bed-jumping fame – he was in heaven. Like, other people came over to watch him bounce and see his epic cheeks vibrate and bounce in total nirvana. And they laughed. And took pictures of him (oh yes, that actually happened.).


We ate too, obviously. Who goes to Brat Fest and doesn’t imbibe in the delicious brats… Well, apparently our boys. They devoured roasted corn, and Linus peeled his hot dog like a banana and tossed the bun away. Scott and I had brats, even though that roasted corn did smell damn good.

Also we had beer, duh. The beer booths were very conveniently set up all over the place. We were very responsible and didn’t get a beer until noon. We are an embarrassment to the Wisconsin culture, I know.


Afterwards we came home and goofed in the yard and Pete had a water fight with the neighborhood boys. And we grilled, lots. Brats, hot dogs, burgers. Enough to get us through the weekend (including some brats for breakfast on a whim, because: hello, BRATS!).


And it was a good thing we grilled it all up at once, because then the rain showed up.

We got lots o’ rain (not nearly as much as the Southern Plains, thank goodness, but still: plenty). So we stayed in, lots. Had tea parties, played in the play room, caught up on reading. And cleaned (oh so exciting, I am aware).


Saturday night I made Date Night Dinner. Pete stayed up, and helped me cook. Garlic Pork Chops With Sauvignon Beurre Blanc, smashed potatoes, and roasted broccoli, THE BEST.


That looks really sweet and nice, right? Except, he’s six. Well, almost six. So he helped, but he was an annoying boy about it. Oh, I was cool with so much of it! Like when he decided to enthusiastically smother the broccoli in pepper when I showed him out (correctly, mind you) to season it, or when he mucked up the smashed potatoes because he insisted on using the potato masher like a laser gun (mashed potatoes on my walls, yo). Or got too “into’ the whisking of the sauce and flicked sauce everywhere… Or hey, when he stuck his fingers in the butter to sneak tastes whenever he thought I wasn’t looking, and stabbed himself with the wine bottle opener after I asked him to stop playing with it because he could hurt himself and so we had to bandage his sobbing self while the pork chops burned on the stove top…

No, that didn’t really bother me too much. It was when I was chopping garlic and telling him about the recipe only to turn around to find him LICKING THE RAW MEAT TEMPING ON THE COUNTER. Or when he randomly kept playing with the oven temperature just because. No reason. When he kept bouncing around and knocking every last thing over, LAWDY I CLEANED SO MANY SPILLS. Or when I was trying to drain potatoes and he was all “oops!” and I turned around to see milk everywhere, I mean EVERY. W.H.E.R.E. Because, and I quote: “I wanted to see what would happen if I poured milk in my ears…”. I am sorry, dude, I love you and all, but WUT IN THE WUT WUT WUT, OH HELL NO.

But no one died! And I mean that as in, I didn’t kill him! In fact, we all sat down to a nice meal despite it all.



The next day was rainy, because: SHOCKER, RAIN. So we built forts.


There is a nice nature preserve literally just down the street, so we decided to have a nice meander between rain storms this morning, but after about 15 minutes it started pouring. So back home we went.


So a few pictures down in the next batch? Check out Moose’s hair. I kinda love wet baby hair just because of the curls, man.


Also I totally forgot to take out a picture when making collages and I DO NOT CARE, LOOK AT IT TWICE, I AM TOO LAZY TO GO BACK AND FIX, HUZZAH.

So anyway. Eventually it stopped raining and the sun actually came out, so I whipped up some bacon/avo/blue-cheese/cuke sandwiches (easiest. Best. We make these a TON) and away we went. We hit the neighborhood beach for a picnic and some splashing. (Three-minute drive from our driveway to the beach, tops. I think we’ll be heading this way a lot this summer.)


Holy Lord, my feet are pasty and vein-y. Sorry, folks. Yeesh, I’m old. I do buy my children cat-Mexican-food tanks and old-man swimwear, so that gives me at least a bare shred of street cred, I hope.


Then we headed back home, and walked down the street for ice cream. Because it was warm, dammit, and that calls for ice cream.


And that’s that! Now I’m trying to pack up for the work day tomorrow and get some rest. So long, long weekend. Hello, summer. BBQs and beaches and beers in the sun. Bring it on, I’m ready.


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