Mother’s Day 2015

MOTHER’S DAY!!!! Putting in a post to mark the past weekend, including that special day for moms, the one where I don’t have to change any diapers, can take a nap in the afternoon, and am free to enjoy a boozey beverage with my brunch without a care (Check, Check, and Checkedy-Check).

I got a few more things done this weekend, oh why oh why does unpacking seem to take so long, though? I’d say 95% of our things are out of boxes, and the big hurdle now is decorating. I’m left with approximately 5 boxes full of wall art and no idea where to put any of it. I guess I’ll figure it out some day.

So ANYHOO, very long story short, I spent my Saturday thrifting with my fellow tag-popper, Peter, then when we got home with all the goods I put the baby down for a nap and made a rhubarb compote with some rhubarb I found in the bottom of the deep freeze, left over from last summer (uh, oops). Turned out like a dream, and my plain yogurt has never had a better companion.



(Oh, and also: YOUR EYES DO NOT DECEIVE YOU, THE ABOVE PHOTOS DO INDEED INCLUDE THE COFFEE CABINET OF LORE. A dear coworker read my tale of woe and like a true gentleman, offered the services of his truck. God bless that man. Now my coffee stuff and cookbooks have a lovely new home.)

I also unpacked one box of assorted tchotchkes and we’ll see if the bits stay where I have them.


Sunday I was awakened to the sweet laughter of my loving children. Or, more like – much boy-wrestling-screeching and loud talking and then pounding on my bedroom door to get up already so they could eat the doughnuts. Because: BOYS. I did however roll my lazy butt out of bed like a nice mom and was greeted with my favorite doughnuts (Old Fashioneds yaaaay!), homemade cards, and 2 new houseplants. A spider plant and a snake plant, because: BOYS. Pete also made me a necklace at school and I was instructed to wear it all day. And also I was to make sure the big hanging piece with his face plastered on it was in the front the whole time, NO WEARING IT BACKWARDS. Gotcha, thanks dude.


Oh and do you see the precious fat grubby baby hands trying to steal my doughnut? This is the Dinner Manners Stage we are at with Moose, he essentially eats like a wild animal. He snatches food off other plates, shoves everything and anything in his face with both fists, licks his bowls clean (!!), And! When he’s done eating, he does this charming thing where he just tosses all the food/plates/utensils onto the floor. Rude.

Two things I wanted for Mother’s Day, since I get to call the shots: a trip to Olbrich Gardens, and a picnic. Buuuuuuut: the weather. Ugh, the WEATHER. It has been rainy and overcast for weeks now, ever since moving day, and Sunday was no different. Scott assured me, however, that the rain had just stopped and it was not supposed to rain the rest of the day. So even though it was 49F at that point, we packed a bag and I tossed hats for everyone in the car and away we went.

And it started raining on us halfway there. And my husband admitted that he made up the whole part about “no rain the rest of the day”, he had actually not even checked the weather, he just thought it would be okay and looked like it might not rain again.

He is very, very lucky, because: it stopped raining shortly after we hit the parking lot at Olbrich, and the rain stayed away the rest of the day. LUCKY. So hey, though, huzzah! It was chilly but the gardens were already looking pretty lush thanks to all the rain this month, and we had a great time running around exploring.


They have this one full bowl of flowers set up with a kaleidoscope, we have to make sure we take a gander and spin the bowl every time…


I think my favorite part is the Thai Sala and its reflecting pools.



Once we finished running all over Olbrich, it was time for brunch. And I got to pick the spot. We hit up Next Door Brewing, because it was nearby and they have a great brunch and it was fairly empty, probably because all the other moms were dining at fancy $35-a-head brunch spots. SUCKERS.

The beers were good, we even got a sample of the Beer Week compilation brew. We ordered Linus a giant bowl of French fries, and Pete and I split the House Burger. I wasn’t sure how well that would go over, as it had sharp white cheddar, cherry/horseradish/beer mustard, fried shallots, tomato jam, and a healthy topping of arugula… But he snarfed it down and proclaimed it was one of the best burgers ever. And also told me it would be better with bacon. My little boy, he’s growing up, sniff.


We rolled ourselves outta there after brunch, and went home to… well, the baby went down for a nap and I kinda took a cat nap myself and then I popped over to the nearby nursery to pick up a few more goodies, and also hit up Target for planters. Time to get some dirt under my fingernails, folks.

Linus popped up from his nap and we all went out to the yard to muck around – Scott got a bunch of seeds started for gardening, and I re-potted all my new plants. I also chased Linus around a bit, trying to get a good shot of his awesome baby mullet. I kinda got it. That picture still doesn’t do the thing justice, I think you just have to see it in person to fully appreciate its glory.


Afterwards we were going to picnic outside, but it was looking rather dreary and to be honest the ground was pretty soggy, so we grilled but ate indoors at the table. C’est la vie! Maybe next year.

I got a few shots with the boys for posterity, once again it was mass chaos, but we got at least one keeper out of the bunch. Oh, other mothers to boys: I feel your highly-energetic, loud, messy, but loveable pain. I 100% feel it.


And before I go, I am never really one to do this, but: this Mother’s Day post is also in honor of one of my most favorite characters ever to grace the television screen: Ms. Betty Hofstadt Draper Francis. Mad Men is coming to a close and she’s had one heck of a character arc. Here’s to you, Birdie: I think I’m going to miss you most of all.


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