It’s like… ugh. The move went pretty horrid. We had our truck for a set amount of time, that we totally underestimated so barely got the furniture moved and no boxes. So that’s left to do via 43 separate car trips. The cable dude ran new wires when he showed up, nice! Except it took him 3 hours, so that was 3 less hours dedicated to moving, probably the reason we are currently in this situation. I didn’t have time for coffee that day. Also? The weather was forecasted to be chilly but dry, instead it was a torrential downpour by afternoon. Oh, and I set up the baths while waiting for the cable dude only to realize that I bought the stall curtain liner size instead of regular shower length. So annoying.

Our washer/dryer can’t be delivered until Tuesday at best, so laundry be damned! I had my eye on the most Perfect Craigslist purchase ever, a just-old-enough-to-be-interesting cabinet for our coffee stuff and dishes, but it didn’t pan out because we didn’t have the truck long enough (CURSES), and it doesn’t fit in our cars, and no one is available to haul. It’s that kind of awesome purchase that will haunt me for years to come, like the time I missed out on a mid-century mint condition credenza that went for $75, and the taker beat me by an hour. AN HOUR. Anyway. Also I tried to lift and then proceeded to fumble and drop a table on myself when pulling it out of the moving truck, and have a MASSIVE colorful bruise on my hip, I mean this thing is at least the size of three figs (real ones, not the dried ones!), and it is annoyingly right on my waistline where I nudge things and carry a baby on my hip and anyway, it constantly has that dull bruisey ache. Add that to the 27 other bruises all over my body thanks to moving day, and also the big fat lip that Linus gave me thanks to his giant fat head. And the yucky kind, guys, where you have that flap of skin hanging to add insult to injury, and you’re too afraid to eat/drink anything because of the NEVERENDING STING.

The boys have been nuts. Linus is kinda okay but not okay with the toddler bed (the little scoundrel is scaling the crib so it was time), Pete is whiny and tired yet hyper. Plus boys broke my precious olive bowl, after I admonished Pete to not touch it because I didn’t want it to get broken.


Then Saturday. My majesty palm is not looking so good in its new window perch, hopefully it doesn’t croak. The windows/registers/outlets make for a terrible set up in the boys’ room, and it took 3 stops to find the right bulbs for their new lamps (and then I realized I didn’t have the right outlets to make the set-up I wanted to happen anyway). We still have like 80 boxes to move plus cleaning and my living room is more narrow than I remembered and WHERE IN THE HELL ARE MY TWEEZERS YOU GUYS. Actually screw that, I would just like to know where my shoes are. We went to Target to get a few things for the new house, and I couldn’t even find any extra cute stuff to buy (just a $4 bunny planter, seriously that was the only cute thing).

So much ugh. By Saturday night I was a rage-y mess. Buuuuuuut. I dunno. Life’s too short for that and I felt kinda stupid after angrily moving some boxes (mainly because: angrily moving looks really really dumb).

So I decided to try to make the best of stuff even though that seemed really dumb too because I AM FED UP AND FRUSTRATED DAMMIT.

I baked up some TJs chocolate croissants for breakfast today, then took out my frustration by spending 3 hours moving the massive pile of boxes out of our old basement in record time (all cleared out and just a few left to still move over, WOOT).


There are a few spots in the house that make me happy, even though most of it is a mess.





(That’s a Clone Wars jetpack that Pete made, in case you were wondering. We are deep in the thick of Star Wars obsessions around here.)

And while I didn’t get my perfect coffee cabinet, I guess a wee bit of counter space will do. For now.


Anyway. After organizing the old spot, I did some grocery shopping and got a million limes and pears and placed them all nicely in a bowl on the counter (because we love ’em, dammit). Then I mixed myself a from-scratch-Rick-Bayless-style margarita, oh yes THE GOOD KIND, and then when Scott and Pete left for swim lessons, I made chocolate-chip cookies with Linus for no other reason than the fact that our new kitchen needed to be properly broken in.









Tomorrow will be crazy and rushed and we still need to unpack about a bajillion boxes, and clean and have evening lessons and meetings and all that crap going on. But I think we’ll make it.

Also my outer thighs and butt hurt really bad so I’m kinda thankful for all that squatting/heavy lifting. WINNING.


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