Easter 2015


Oh, Easter. Usually when this holiday comes around, we are freshly back from a long trip to Kansas and are exhausted and bleary-eyed. This year we are dealing with moving/upcoming trip/squirrely-boy-stuck-at-home-all-week-beforehand, so it’s been a little different. We still stuck close to home, but cooked instead of going for Easter brunch (not only cheaper, which is necessary considering everything we’re blowing money on right now, but also? Fellow diners don’t want to deal with Linus tossing food in their pretty Easter bonnets. So there).

So anyway. Linus actually had a double-ear infection that week, so I was home with a crying-so-much-I’m-practically-soggy toddler and with Pete on Wednesday, Thursday, and then Friday for work holiday. We didn’t do much thanks to sick Linus, although we did squeeze in some time for Marshmallow Peep treats. They were a hit. Which I am sure is not shocking.


The boys kinda slept in on Easter morning, it was weird. No one up until 7am, God bless ’em. Pete was itching to do the egg hunt, and as is now our new family tradition – a be-Eastered Blue Power Ranger was holding the first of the Easter eggs, signaling the egg hunt can now begin. (Thanks for Old Blue, Beah. Really. REALLY. He’s kinda officially family at this point.)

Here was how it went down: Pete collected eggs, all the eggzzzzz. He initially left some for Linus, however: once Linus dropped an egg and realized there was a jelly bean in it, all egg-hunting was officially over. He parked his butt where it fell and opened all the eggs.

So: Pete collected, Linus opened (and ate if there was candy). They make a good team, those two.


Oh, I decided to do this Pinterest thing at the last minute. They turned out surprisingly well. Too bad everyone was too full of candy to actually eat them.


We spent the morning and afternoon inside, just clowning around and watching Star Wars and taking it easy. DREAMY. We went with a Southern-Easter thang this year, not sure why it just felt right. Anyway, I made homemade Pimento spread for our lunch cheese tray, and then decided not to toss the dyed eggs this year but instead make deviled eggs with them. Pete helped me in the kitchen, and here’s how it went down when it came time to make the eggs:

Pete: [poking the peeled egg like it’s an alien being] What is that? What is going on with those eggs??
Me: … Ummmm, it’s a hard-boiled egg…?
Pete: Herrrrd-broiled egg! What IS that?
Me: Ummmmm…? Oooookay. It’s cooked. It’s a way to eat eggs, just like fried or scrambled. I’m going to make deviled eggs with them.
Pete: [Eats one in a couple gulps. Asks many questions about why the whites, what is that yellow ball, why did you just put salt on it, etc. etc. Makes moaning noises like it’s the best thing he’s ever consumed.]
Pete: These are my new favorite food and I can’t wait to tell Miss Theresa about them that you can skin them and eat them just like that, with a little salt. [Grabs two more and scampers off.]
Me: …please don’t.

You guys: how did my child make it to be almost 6-years-old and he has never in his life encountered a hard-boiled egg? What kind of a failure am I as a parent? This is embarrassing. And he wasn’t kidding about favorite food, we had to boil up a bunch more because he eats them as a snack, part of dinner, and then requests them as his dessert. We have to cut him off.

Yeah, it’s… special. Anyway. We barely touched the cheese tray, because we were still so full of candy, but you know what? EVERYONE ATE ALL THE DEVILED EGGS. And lots of leftover pimento means these special sandwiches this week, huzzah.


We did not go to Mass. I will just get that out in the open now. Linus is just a precious angel who howls and shrieks his way through Mass because NO WOMAN NO I WANT TO DANCE AND SLAP PEOPLE IN THE FACE AND PROPEL MY BODY OFF THE PEW NOT SIT HERE QUIETLY. Should have named him Damien. Anyway, ANYWAY: I still stuffed them in nice Easter clothing and made them sit politely for photos. That was their penance for skipping church.



Then we let them run amok in the warmth (mid-60s!!!!! sun!!!!!) and play with the bubbles the Easter Bunny got for them. Linus only fell and skinned his knee once, so: total win.




Once we sufficiently wore out the children, we headed back in and had dinner. Southern style, y’all: country ham in biscuits with mustard butter, ‘scalloped potatoes’ (actually some fancy pommes dauphinoise that was deceptively easy and quick to prepare, yet pretty to look at and OMG DELISHHHHH), and smothered peas. Scott and I ate. The boys picked at it because: yes. Still so full on candy.


So that concludes our Easter. Oh, and just for posterity, so I can look back and note these things: the Jayhawks did an abysmal job this year in the b-ball tourney, but hey: the UW Badgers made it to the championship game! I don’t ever see myself getting too worked up about them, I mean I have zero ties to the university other than that I happen to live in the same town at the moment. I have no desire to go to Badger games (such a football and hockey town, and those are just not my thing), I don’t go to a bar to watch the Badgers, I have zero desire go down to State St. to celebrate. But, it’s still cool. Plus I love Nigel Burgundy, because: who doesn’t love Nigel Burgundy.

Actually the whole team is pretty hilarious and fun to watch.

So there was that! They went down to Duke in the final but it was a hell of a team and they should be proud for getting to the Championship game.

Oh, and I got my hairs did. I mean, I got them REALLY did – I got a nice new cut, color, and the tips are dip-dyed a lovely aqua/green. It washes out quickly, which means weekly touch ups, but I really kinda love it. A lot. Whyyyyyy didn’t I do this sooner, I ask… Oh, yeah. I had to find a competent, awesome stylist first. Thanks to my girl Erin!


Okay that’s it peace out. Back to packin’ and shizz.


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