Peter, Spring Break 2015


Just a quick note to say it’s Spring Break around these parts, no school until next week Tuesday (oof).  Pete’s been winging it at home with Scott, while Scott works away in the office, and he’s been up to a wee bit of no good, namely: doing “science experiments” by mixing all manner of things in the bathroom, sneaking out to the garage to play with all manner of dangerous things, and going on candy hunts throughout the house (he’s been successful after scavenging my purse, some high shelves, and a hidden area of a mostly-unused kitchen cabinet. That candy was straight-up questionable, he was a brave soul for eating it).


As chance would have it, Linus came down with a nasty double ear infection, so we’ve been keeping Pete company since yesterday and, for the most part, in line.  Except for that one moment I decided to answer some work email while Pete colored nearby.


Gawd, Peter.  Thankfully it was washable and mostly came right off with a washcloth scrub.



Serenity Now, y’all.  Serenity Now.


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