International Library Pizza Fest 2015

Hi again!  All is crazy but I wanted to get up at least one fun thing before we move and get settled and you are once again inundated with posts from me.

Back in early March (ish?  Maybe even late February, now that I think about it…) we headed downtown on a freezing cold day to hit up International Festival at the Overture Center. We have meant to hit this up in the past but the timing never worked out, however this year we finally made it.  Well worth the visit, I tell you.

Got there and immediately hit with all the smells, OMG THE FOOOOOOOOOD.  We were lame and only got a thick slice of tiramisu for the boys, from the random UW vendor.  They snarfed that shizz down in record time.  We were able to watch some Swiss Alphorn guys on their 12-foot (!!) horn things. I will be honest, my only knowledge of that stuff is from Ricola commercials.  It was really cool and even Linus clapped loudly.

Then the Asian Lion Dance began, with dragons and all that stuff, and it was amazing too.  Awesome.  At that point, stuffed on delicious cake and smelling the other array of food stalls and enjoying the shows, we felt pretty stupid for never hitting up International Fest before.


Linus loved the dragons.  He kept pulling on the tail of the green one, then would get very possessive and try to block anyone else from touching it. He’d peek under the costume. He just loved that thing (except when they looked at him, then he’d freak out.  But otherwise, he was cool.)

dtn-002 dtn-003

We also watched the local German group sing traditional choral songs.  It was basically a bunch of old dudes from Germany.  But hey, whatever it was interesting.  Pete ran into his buddy Francis from school, so he was super excited.


After that we hit up the downtown library.  We only planned on stopping to warm up and maybe grab a few books, but got sidelined and ended up there for 2-3 hours.  Oops.  It’s a cute little kids library though so no harm no foul.dtn-005

We played a little bit longer, then decided to head out for some lunch.  Pete wanted pizza, so we found ourselves at the Middleton Roman Candle.  This was before we knew we’d actually end up living in that area, it’s just a really good location of that pizza chain.  They have a killer kid play room (including play structure).  Bonus.


Tada!  Roman Candle time…


And that’s all she wrote!  I have a few random collections of photos, to be honest pretty much I’ve just been trying to survive – pack and clean in-between working and other things.  So anyway, maybe a few more updates and then next thing you know, we will be living in a new little home. Cannot wait, for real.

Have a good rest of your weekend, friends!  More to come in the future…


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