On Astronaut Babies and Peanut Bombs

Catching up.  A few weeks ago it actually warmed up to like, maybe 25-30F?  At the time, after a month of mostly below-zero temps, it was a sweet reprieve.  We celebrated by heading downtown and spending some quality time at the Children’s Museum and running around downtown.

mcm-000 mcm-001 mcm-002

The museum had updated a few sections, including adding this weird floating astronaut baby, surrounded by planets and aliens that randomly pop out of UFOs.

(They also added the Millenium Chicken car, that you manipulate to shoot the aliens, and you have to go there to truly appreciate it.  Both the car and the creepy astronaut baby thing.)




After some quality pizza-crafting, PONG battles, and general running amok, the boys were starvin’.  Pete suggested AJ Bombers for lunch, as apparently he has been dying to introduce Linus to Peanut Bombs.  We headed right over, only to find there was a 30-ish minute wait (huh, at AJ Bombers??).  Pete was not thrilled, but conceded in letting us drag him to the MMoCA to stay warm and wait for our text to come back for a free table.  Fortunately there were some cool exhibits going on at MMoCA, but unfortunately no cameras allowed.

(That is a Sad Trombone Cat, in case you are confused.  It would probably make more sense with sound but I’m tired and busy, so too bad.  Just imagine it in your head.)

ANYHOO.  Eventually we got that blessed call, and ran back to snag a table and show Linus the joy that is known as the Peanut Bomb.

(Spoiler: turns out he is actually not fond of Peanut Bombs.)


That’s okay though, snacks fix everything.  Especially a sad Moose.  So he comforted himself with yogurt raisins and applesauce packets and even a few peanuts.  Scott and I each had a beer and burger, and the boys got chicken-finger kids meals (kids meals at AJ Bombers on Sundays are freeeeeeeeeee!).  I had the MKE burger, which basically is covered in good old WI Colby, Nueske’s bacon, and smothered in Pabst-braised onions.  Not bad, MKE.  Not bad at all.  Also Pete stole the bacon out of my burger because BACON BRAT, I AM RAISING A BRAT WHO STEALS BACON.  Never dine with him.

mcm-007 mcm-008 mcm-009

Total hamburglar bacon stealer, don’t be swayed by that kindly happy face with the chocolate-cookie covered teef.


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