Random March Update

Wow, I really dropped the ball on updating, huh?  Well, we’ve been busy.  Crazy busy.  I am serious, no lies.

NO REALLY.  Work?  Crazy.  Kids?  CRAZY.  And since around right after Thanksgiving-ish, I saw photos of myself and LAWDY, YOU GUYS, I HAVE BEEN IN DENIAL AS TO THE STATE OF MAH BODY, so also for the past 3-ish months I’ve been eating waaaaay better and drinking waaaaaaay less and working out (and when you have kids?  You have no time.  My workouts are twice a day not because I am hardcore, BWAHHH, but no.  Because I do not have enough time in the day to get a full workout in during a single stretch).  Scott and I have time to stop and look at each other and finally catch our breath oh, somewhere around 9p.  At the earliest.  More like 10p.  We haven’t even called either of our parents in forever, like we’re a couple of real punks.

Bad news?  We have no real lives.  Good news?  I lost around 20-some pounds already.  Huh.  Whew knew eating salads and cutting out booze could work so well*.

I guess everyone else in the world, but whatever. We all know I’m a little slow sometimes. Where was I?  Oh yeah.  WE ARE BUSY I AM REALLY SORRY AND I DO LOVE ALL OF Y’ALL, I REALLY DO, JUST DON’T HAVE TIME TO CHAT.

We also have other news: we’re moving.  The market in this area, LAWDY.  We’d look at a place, usually in the evenings after work and all that crap, desperately shoving M&Ms in the baby’s mouth and hushing Pete’s whining about wanting dinner while pretending to look at properties. We’d discuss that night, then call the next morning to officially let them know we’re interested.  Only to be told the place was already under contract, dun Dun DUNNNNNN!

That happened to us THREE TIMES.  Needless to say, our hesitation over whether we could live with a place without a FINISHED BASEMENT, THE HORROR!, turned more towards “what can we find in our price range that is available when our lease is up, so we’re not homeless”.

Uh, yeah.

And yay!  We found a place.  Three bedrooms, big yard, finished basement, blah blah bleee blah.  Horrible phone picture below as a sneak peek.  Oh, and it’s in Middleton.


Yes, the ‘burbs.  But a suburb with amazing schools, awesome breweries, only a 5-minute additional commute to work, and we have a view of the lake and Capitol.  And also Middleton is not only the home of American Girl, but also the National Mustard Museum, so there.  SO THERE. We cool.

Meanwhile, we’ve also been packing and organizing our current basement (the chaotic state of which, I am almost too embarrassed to admit), keeping our townhouse as clean as possible for showings. That’s on top of the normal random craziness.  That’s my excuse for not blogging, I’m sticking to it, however I promise to get some content up to you soon.  Promise.  Swears.  For reals.

In the meantime: here are a few pictures of random bits.  Like our regular Pete measurements, which will soon be painted over.  And the plantings I am going to re-pot in the hopes of them surviving to the summer and to our new home (cross yer fingers, kids).  And Pete’s artistic endeavors meant for our new home.  Joann Fabric is having a sale on canvases, BTW.  If you need any, run your buns out there because they are CHEAP, Y’ALL.


Okay that’s all I gots, have a good one.  Will be back soon I promise.

*Uh duh, I still let myself have a beer or two on the weekends.  I’M NOT A MASOCHIST.



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