Pete and Mom Date Day 1, 2015

Mom and Peter Date Day has been resurrected! This is a tradition Pete and I used to hold quite dearly, and then when Linus came along it kinda slipped away in the crazy whirlwind of it all. But, no more! We are serious in working on our mommy-Pete dynamic. So that’s how we found ourselves free on a random Saturday in February. Which just happened to be Ice-Cream-For-Breakfast Day, and how could we ignore that really.

This dude in the first picture was the only one to actually show up in his PJs like the ice-cream joint recommended. Kudos to you, dude.

Anyway. Our date day started early that day, guys. We hit up the Chocolate Shoppe for a donut ice-cream sammie to start our date. I had a coffee, because: hello. COFFEE.


That cotton-candy-plus-Greenbush-donut thingie still looked badass, I won’t lie.

So I let Pete play and eat and run back to toys and play and stuff until about 15 minutes before the movie, then we cleaned up and ran off to hit up the Marcus Theater Winter Movie Series.



We saw How To Train Your Dragon 2. It had a good message, so I enjoyed it too. And because this was one of the first Winter Series films of the year, the theater was not terribly busy. We had a row all to ourselves, and enjoyed that freedom. (My favorite row at a movie theater is the last row of that first block of seats in front; it’s close but not neck-pain-inducingly close. This time we got the row right in front of that one, so: not too shabby).


And that was that. Thanks to a breakfast-and-early-movie date, we were home before lunchtime. Huzzah.

Fat Moose was not happy when I got home. He threw some shade. Lordy, child: your time for mama dates will come soon enough (I am sure he was more upset about the missed food opportunities to be honest).



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