Valentine’s Day 2015


So if you got a Valentine from us – we made them waaaaaay ahead of time, I packaged and prepped for mailing, and totally planned to get them in the mail with plenty of time to spare. But then, joy of joys: I had no time to get away from work to mail them. For like, four days of trying to carve out just a half an hour to take a lunch at work, to get that stuff mailed. And because work has been hellish, and home time is hectic, and I’ve been working out two different times a day just to get in a normal-person cumulative workout time, which means second workout is after bedtimes so then I stay up extra late to finish stuff around the house and my point is TIRED, I AM SO DAMN TIRED, Y’ALL, AND HAVE NO TIME.

Anyway, here is a long story for you: I went to the grocery store one night last week after the gym, all bleary-eyed (because: TIRED), and couldn’t get my debit card to work. I tried it three times, and on two different machines. And then got home and realized I had been trying to put in my cell-phone security code as my debit-card PIN (DUH, idiot). So then I tried to get some cash at an ATM, and you know what? That makes the bank put a hold on your card, that’s what.

So the very next day, I finally carved out a precious half an hour from my day, and since I didn’t have my wallet on me, I grabbed Scott’s debit card on the way. I get there, I stand in a long line, and then I finally get to the front. The kindly post office worker finally got alllll my packages weighed, I pick my shipping methods, and we weigh all my envelopes to determine if any need extra postage, and I tell him yeah, go ahead and toss another book of stamps onto my total. Buuuut… Scott’s debit card won’t work, y’all. It is not even declined, it is all UNAUTHORIZED, dun Dun DUUUUUUN!

The post office dude is all “huh I haven’t seen that one before…” and I knew, I just knew. The bank must have put a hold on Scott’s card too just for good measure. Unfortunately, they never notified us of this. And guess what else! At the post office, they can’t just ‘hold’ an order for you to scamper off and find another form of payment, oh no. They have to cancel everything, and then methodically and carefully rip all the postage off of your packages. All of your packages. Slowly. And in front of a long line of people waiting for you to just get the hell out of the way so they can mail their packages already.

That definitely goes up there with one of the most embarrassing situations of my life.

SO LONG STORY SHORT: I managed to slink out the door all horrified and shit and I am sorry but I did not have the guts to go back there, OH HAIL NO, I made Scott do that, and a day later after the bank finally lifted the GREAT BAN FOR POTENTIAL STOLEN DEBIT CARDS THAT THEY NEVER NOTIFIED US ABOUT. Sorry for your late Valentines, you guys; do know that I suffered greatly to get them to you.

Where was I. Oh, yeah! Valentine’s Day! Scott and I took Friday off of work but took the kids to daycare/school, and then hit Indie Coffee. Time for some red eyes and planning our glorious Valentine’s Date Day sans children.


We decided to head to Milwaukee, it’s a quick day trip. And Linus is at a point where trying to go to some museums is pretty worthless. So we took advantage and hit up the Milwaukee Art Museum first. Mainly because I just wanted to take pictures of the building, I won’t lie.




They had a wing of regional high-school art. There was a dress made entirely out of branches and pinecones, and it was the coolest thing I saw there. And that’s saying a lot.

Well and also I kinda want that cat painting, like BAD.



Eventually we left and ventured back out into the Planet Hoth to find some lunch. And beer, because: BEER.

Also I forgot my gloves, yeeeeah. Youch. I did, however, find a pair of Linus’ socks in my coat pocket, so those at least kept me from getting frostbite.


We finally just decided on Lakefront Brewery for lunch, and then (of course) a tour. Tacos! Fries! The first brews off the firkin, huzzah! We picked up our tickets for the tour and found a table, then inhaled our food and beer. I would have to run awhile at the gym to wear it all off, but hey. Worth it.


Their tours are pretty legendary, I mean they are near the top of many a ‘best brewery tour’ lists, and for good reason – they are hilariously awesome. Our guide Josh did right by us, it was a good one.



After the tour we drove on over to Le Reve, to get some treats. Here are a few of my infamous car-window shots, enjoy.


My lovely niece is a pastry chef at Le Reve, but unfortunately the goodies she made that day had already sold out of the case 😦 I used the restroom there first thing (darn you, beer tour), but when I got back there was a treat waiting for me. Macarons and coffee, YASSSS. Then Scott proceeded to drink most of the coffee. A true gentleman.


We eventually hit the road back to Madison, munching macarons and swilling the rest of the coffee.


The end, that was our date day in a nutshell. Then we picked up the nuts and headed on home. Then my kids stole my winter hats and acted like a couple of weirdos. Oh and a sidenote: Pete has taken a shine to my Lakefront hat, he insists on wearing it all the time. I am sure the nuns at his school enjoy seeing him bopping around the playground in a brewery hat.


Yeah that’s all I got. Sorry my kids are so weird. Peace out dudes.



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