Portland, Day 8. Yo the end.

THE LAST DAY YOU GUYS. I won’t lie I was sad about it when it came time to leave, but right now I must admit I am pretty giddy to only have one more teeny day to blog about.


So we got up early and hit downtown, and all of us were just over it, OVER IT FINALLY JUST SEND US HOME ALREADY, and Scott and I squabbled about parking and is-this-legal-where-I-parked-do-we-pay-I-think-we’re-okay-or-what-if-we-get-towed-that’s-just-our-luck-OMG-WHO-CARES-I’M-SO-OVER-IT so much of that, OMG, so much. Sorry guys but Day Eight of Vacation will do that to you. Every vacation, we have That Squabble. The one where we get out all the frustrations and are Cool from there on out. Oddly enough, this time it came at the end of vacation instead of sometime in the first day or so. So we did the hissing passive-aggressive argument we all have in front of our kids and as soon as that car stopped moving I hopped out, grabbed Pete’s hand, and we huffed off to scout out where the coffee and donut situation.

Don’t feel too bad, by the time Scott caught up it all was Cool. Vacation Cool.

So anyway where was I oh yes, we parked and Scott paid parking even though it was unclear if paying was even necessary at that hour/day (because I WIN) and then met up down the street at Blue Star Donuts, where Pete and I were already in line for some delicious, delicious breakfast goodness. They make their donuts with a brioche dough, and let’s just say it really makes a distinct difference. So rich, buttery, and goooooooood.


Scott’s face in that last photo, all the lulz. That is the 40-yard stare of a man not looking forward to a 10-minute line in a crowded teeny shop, just for some damn donuts. The struggle is real. BUT OH I LOVE YOU DARLING. Thanks for humoring me by letting me drag you all over downtown Portland sometimes.

We could have stayed there, but between us getting in line and getting to the front to place our order it had gotten packed, and we were all kinda over the CROWDS, GODDAMN IT, so we instead chose to get our donuts in a box and walk a few blocks down to a coffee shop I had spied earlier on our way to the donut shop. It was not busy at all, lots of sun and seating – pretty much exactly what we needed.

And also let me just tell you: Heart Coffee has beautiful coffee. Lovely, amazing, well-sourced coffee that was bright and zesty and I wanted to buy a bag for myself and another for my Muzzy, but their coffee was like $25/#, and no just no. I am not quite that fancy.

So we tucked into the window seating, busted out the donuts, and enjoyed our coffee and donuts while people-watching. Linus was content to come get bites and spend the rest of his time on the floor playing with his shadow.


We got the following donuts, from the box picture up above (L to R, top): blueberry-boozy-plus-weird-herb (can’t remember sorry) glazed, Valrhona chocolate crunch, and buttermilk Old Fashioned. Bottom row: apple fritter, maple bacon (snooze), and Cointreau creme brulée. The Cointreau was in the wee pipette and you squeezed it into the creamy filling when ready to eat. I won’t lie, that was pretty much the only reason we bought that one.

All were good, but that Old Fashioned? The most unassuming one of the bunch? I dream of eating that donut again. The inside was the most perfect, fluffy cake-like donut, very vanilla-y, with a crunchy craggly outside coated in the most perfectly thin shiny glaze. We only ate a few bites of each, but I wrapped the leftovers from the Old Fashioned into a napkin and hid it in my purse. Then on the plane ride home, once Scott and Linus were distracted and doing their own thing, Pete and I hunkered over those lovely hunks of leftover donut, and shoved the rest in our mouths as what will forever be known as the Best Plane Snack Ever.*

*Speaking of: I took some awesome photos out the plane window, of the mountains and such, and somehow deleted them before backing up all my images. GUH. I super suck sometimes.

SO YEAH MOVING ON. We ate donuts, drank coffee, then walked around the neighborhood for an hour or so and reflected on all the awesome spots we passed that we did not get to try this trip. Then we drove around all sad-like, where I pointed out even more spots I wanted to visit (like Moonstruck Chocolate, which I had read about in a magazine and wanted to visit since BEFORE WE WERE EVEN MARRIED). All the more incentive to get back ASAP.


We also took one last trip to Powell’s because: duh.


We got to the airport a bit early, then lunched there. I hate eating at airports, unless it’s Tortas Frontera. I cannot even remember what boring airport food we had, all I remember is I was going to make a bottle but dropped the formula container. It shattered and formula powder was everywhere; and if you have ever encountered that stuff, you will know it’s very sticky, doesn’t clean up well. That totally wasn’t embarrassing or anything.

Eventually we got on a plane and for the second time: we had a miracle perfect flight. Sweet, quiet, model children. I have no idea what happened but we were so, so lucky these flights. I mean, I have had some good flights with kids but holy lord, I have had some really really unspeakably bad ones as well. So I will forever cherish how lovely the boys were that trip.

When we got to the airport it took forever to find our bags, as Midway mis-labeled their baggage claims (nice). Then, when waiting for our shuttle, some moron town car got stuck completely sideways. Like, the engine died and would not restart. And no one could get around him. So we waited forrrrrrrever at almost 10p for a shuttle back to our car. I will say all the honking and name-calling of the Said Idiot Town Car Driver was pretty entertaining though.


Eventually we got out of there, got to our car, and got settled. Linus zonked out the moment his head was settled in his car seat, so I leaped from front-passenger to squeeze myself in-between the boys in the back, sacrificing myself, because: it was White Castle Time. We hit the drive-thru at a location near our hotel, getting some sort of burger/fry family deal, all I know is that Scott tossed a bag o’ burgers with a side o’ fries back to me in the back seat, and Pete proceeded to have the best meal of his life. No lie, that child loves some White Castle. He mowed down 4 sliders and some fries to boot and he could not stop moaning about how amazing it was. No shame.

Scott and I also enjoyed some of that cheap White Castle goodness while we drove all the way back to Madison. All the long, long way. At one point, after midnight with sleepy kids in the backseat, we made a desperate stop for gas and coffee and watched on a mixture of horror-slash-fascination while some country dude gassed up his car from the bottom of the car, somehow, and the car was full of trailer-park-girl groupies and the whole lot of them were kinda high on… something, and we got the hell outta there but still it was insane. We love you, rural Wisconsin.

We finally made it back home well into the early hours and anyway we were blurry-eyed-dragging-those-poor-babies-into-their-beds-and-so-glad-to-be-home FOR REAL YO IT WAS LIKE A MIRAGE, SO GLAD TO BE HOME FINALLY.


That’s it. It’s all I got. It was fun, Oregon! We love you like nowhere else! And: FIN.



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  1. Blue Star donuts are amazing! I personally love the dulce de leche one, but you’ve made me want to try the old fashioned! Gorgeous photos, as well.

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