MKE, January 2015


Hit up Milwaukee a few weekends ago. Linus is a whiner-face about travel, so we pretty much popped in, did the museum, and stopped for a donut on the way out. I took a lot of pictures out the window of a speeding car, because that’s how I roll. Someday we won’t have a wee kiddo that needs a nap, and can spend some real time exploring properly. Until then I work with what I got (so basically: a window).



It’s been over a year since we hit up the MPM (quelle horreur!), so how could we turn down a Free Admission Saturday. It was packed, PACKED, but that’s what happens when you go on a free day, so I can’t complain really.


I love the MPM. So many memories from running around there as a kid myself. And I always take a picture of the Menominee diorama for my Muzzy. The nice museum volunteer in front of the display tried to educate me on the Menominee tribe. She kept pronouncing ‘Menominee’ weird. I just nodded nicely.




We let the Moose loose at one point, this was kind of a mistake. As you know, once you let them out of the stroller, there is no getting them back in. The Old Milwaukee area was the busiest, people elbowing into each other all over the place, so it was a little nerve-wracking when he decided to run off at full hilt when we got there. However in the end we still somehow had Linus in our possession, so: Parenting Win.



After rolling through Old Milwaukee we had two hangry kids on our hands, and Pete declared that donuts would not suffice, so we headed to The Drive-Thru. Except, once we were in the car line, Pete decided that actually, no, he wanted to take us up on the donut option we gave him. And frankly: we weren’t in the mood for hot dogs ourselves, so what the heck. We pulled out of the line and drove back towards the Third Ward.



We ran off to Holey Moley for donuts post-museum. They were almost sold out, only 2 types left by the time we got to the front, so Pete had a maple pecan and Linus was the lucky recipient of a coffee-glazed (the grown ups had some Hawthorne coffee, oooooh yeah).


The kiddos had their donuts, Scott and I walked around and checked the place out, and then decided it was probably time to leave when we found Linus had sneaked off to stand by some twenty-somethings, holding his hands together in anticipation and giving his most heartfelt donut-pleading-eyes to anyone that dared make eye contact (they thought it was funny to treat him like a little puppy and feed him bits of their donuts. I apologized and politely chatted them up while Linus stuffed donut hunks in his mouth, then we fled).


Coffee donut be damned: Linus zonked out the second his butt hit his car seat.


Oh, and a quick Kopp’s stop on the way out of town, for those of us still awake. Hamburgers the size of YO FACE. Pete and I split one, and still couldn’t finish it. Probably didn’t help that we snacked from Scott’s huge bag of fries first, though.


Smell ya later, Milwaukee.


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