Portland, Day 6

So we got up and did the hotel Amazing Breakfast of Magic and hit up the OMSI. And all was right with the world.


Those kiddos, they looooooved the OMSI. One of the reasons we picked the spot (aside from the good reviews) was that we got in free thanks to our ANSI museum membership through the Madison Children’s Museum. Also? Dinosaur exhibit. First noticed that one early evening in our hotel, when Pete and I went downstairs to the fancy bar to get my free beer (yes, I bring my kid along for that, and yes – we perused the pamphlets at the “Regional Attractions” set up in the lobby, and spied Dinosaurs and OMG MUST VISIT). Pete was simultaneously freaked out and obsessed by them. Linus didn’t give a crap one way or the other. But we went through the special exhibit three times, so I’ll say it was a success. The rest of the museum was awesome as well, it was SCIENCE! and more SCIENCE! And Pete loved every last minute of it. Even if the dinosaurs kinda freaked him out.


Linus was approached to take part in a research study compliments of PSU. Now, I kinda get the vibe that he flunked spectacularly, but whatever. It’s just an honor to be considered, right?


There was this animal-play area and they had chipmunk outfits and Pete loved it. There was also an eagle area. I think Linus was the eagle to Pete’s chipmunk, if you get my drift.


More fun. Earth’s rotation, crushing cars, lampries migrating, fossils, etc.


Pete wanted the giant dinosaurs but nope, NOPE. They were $100. We talked him into a little blue T-Rex, who was much more affordable, and he named him ‘Slobber-Tooth’. Whatever, I just don’t want to buy a hundred-dollar stuffed animal.

And space travel. Actually I think this teeny part of the museum was the most fun for me. Astronomy geek. YES I ACED ASTRONOMY/APPLIED PHYSICS CLASSES IN COLLEGE, SUCK IT.


Then we drove around and enjoyed the Portland Scene a bit before grabbing some grub.


You had me at Megafauna. We stopped at Laurelwood for a meal and a beer sampler. Once again: Portland did us right by having kid-friendly facilities and a good menu for the wee ones.



We switched things up and got tator tots instead of fries this time. Linus ate them very methodically: he’d grab one, crush it in his hand, then nosh. Repeat. Needless to say: he loved tator tots.


Megafauna for the road, yup.

After dinner we hit up the O.G. Stumptown. The first one in existence, that is correct. Tucked into an unassuming street in a little ‘hood. Good coffee, cute little personal roaster for their own blends, and Pete enjoyed the poppy-seed bar offering.



Oh, Pete. He enjoyed his time here, and played it up for Mom (a rarity these days), so I kept the shutter shooting.


Then back to home base, where the kids played and then Linus bit me on the shoulder. Hard. OOF. Then cried. Then Pete to the rescue.

Then to bed with those two jokers and DONE WITH YOU CHILDREN, BE GONE. Time to relax and drink some megafauna and plan for the next day…


Oddities for the day:

1) Random spikey truck wheels. IS THAT EVEN LEGAL, YOU GUYS.
2) Hello, the word “gizzard” is right there. Not hard to spell right. And yeah, I’m bummed it was missing.
3) Sad biter baby.
4) Ohhhhh, yeah. My Megafauna treat after a long day.


See you soon, dudes.


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