Bipolar Hair


His hair is finally starting to grow in, somewhat, and in true older-baby fashion: it’s  a mess.  Some days he has tufts that stick straight up and won’t lay down no matter what we do.  Lately he’s been rocking the curl mullet, very much business in the front and party in the back.

_DSC5311 _DSC5317

I won’t lie, I’m curious to see how things end up, it’s one of the last big Trait surprises a wee kiddo goes through.  His hair is very different from Pete’s to begin with, who got my (and my mommy’s) super thick hair, plus Pete has that wavy-to-curly hair depending on humidity levels, and he also inherited Scott’s exact hair patterns.  Linus seems to have much finer, thinner hair, and it’s not as blonde as Pete’s was at that age, so I see it darkening up more quickly.

And maybe curly hair too.  Or maybe not.  We shall see how it all shakes out.





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