Awards-Season Appetizers


I loooooove the film/tv awards season, I watch every awards broadcast I can. Scott and I fill out mock ballots, and put the kiddos to bed early after feeding them a simple dinner (PB&Js, anyone?). Then we have a fancy grown up evening where we watch all the drunk movie stars kiss each other’s butts and give each other fancy trophies and stuff.  I also usually make a few appetizers, to be honest mostly just junk from the TJ’s Frozen section, because come on: just, no. However, I went all out for the Golden Globes this year – partially because I wanted to keep it somewhat healthy, partially because I haven’t cooked in forever and had the itch to completely destroy the kitchen. And hey, I took pictures of it all! Just for you!

PS – I have been drinking my champagne out of regular wine glasses ever since I have read this amazing Golden-Globe-party-crasher story. I feel so fancy now!  Part of the elite! And whoa but Kate Hudson sure is a friendly gal!


Sorry I got sidetracked.  Anyhoo, time for fooooOOOooood… And I added the links to all recipes, following photos.  Enjoy, my friends.


Baked Buffalo Chicken Eggrolls (note: I made these once before and the blue cheese in the eggrolls was way overpowering.  This time I left it out). So yummy! Served with…


The Best Blue Cheese Dressing You Could Ever Make (thanks, Alton)


Jalapeno Popper Dip (I doubled the jalapenos and it still wasn’t that spicy, still very good though). And finally:


Baked Zucchini Sticks with Sweet Onion Dip (dip is back there in the background, and not to be confused with Ina Garten’s awesome dip, this one is more tangy and sweet and mustard-y.  For lack of any other descriptive words).

And there you go – all the appetizers we could ever want.  We pretty much made enough food for 12 people so munched on leftovers for a week.  Not bad, not bad at all…


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