Kid Disco at the Dane

Winters in Wisconsin are tough, before moving back I had forgotten how miserable they can be – so long, so cold, sooooo much dirty snow.  Now I will say this – the people of Wisconsin are a resilient bunch.  They still get out and play, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing and skating, even in frigid temps.  So I give them props.  However young kids don’t mix too well with some of the really low temps, so when it’s below zero we are thankful for events like Kid Disco.


I’ve talked about it before, and it seems every year they kinda change how it works – parents used to get a beer token, that isn’t included anymore, but it’s still a good deal.  You show up, pay five bucks per person to enter the room (families max out at $15), and the kids get snacks/juice.  We usually snag a booth behind the bar, because the traffic is slow there and the music a wee bit muted.  Then we let the Littles run loose in the bubbles and we adults order some beverages, an appetizer or two, and just chill and enjoy the music.  BRILLIANT.


We were all watching Linus get down like a BOSS and then Pete stepped up and started messing with Linus’ hood, I was about to tell him to knock it off and leave his brother alone when I realized he was just scooting off his hood so he could ruffle his hair affectionately.  Awwww, brothers. They aren’t all about fart jokes and wrestling matches.



Linus loved it this year, he screamed whenever we dragged him away.  Pete enjoyed himself but got a little sad at one point – he had told ALL THE KIDS at preschool about it, but “I think they weren’t listening to me”.  Hmm, maybe that’s because you never stop talking and they have learned to tune you out…  But no worries!  Lo and behold, who shows up but Quinn and Frances and all of their siblings, and Pete was overjoyed.  So they chased around the room a couple of hundred times before we decided it was probably time to reign in our crazy child and leave.


Okay I don’t know how to end this so I guess: The End.  There.


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