Week in Review – 28 December 2014


Hollllllidaysssss!  Back to work tomorrow after almost a week away, and I have to say: I’m kinda ready 😉   Kids are crazy over the holidays, man. All hyped up and stuck indoors most of the time, which is a gnarly combo. Anyway.  Let’s get on with it, yeah?

Scott had off on Christmas Eve this year, so we hung out and took it easy all day.  Made some treats, wrapped some presents, made forts, and watched several viewings of Elf and The Nutcracker.  At first Pete was all confused and like “why are those boys princess-dancing?” but once I explained to him that men do, indeed, also dance ballet, he was cool with it (mainly because: naughty brothers, mice vs. soldiers, fighting, heroics, CANDY CANDY CANDY, etc. etc. ).  Now he wants to go see The Nutcracker live after watching the movie version 87 times since Christmas Eve.  And I have to admit: a Macaulay Culkin-free version would be nice at this point. Maybe next year, kid.


Last year we went to Mass on Christmas Eve, but St. James didn’t host the Pageant/early Mass this year, so we decided to wait for Christmas and instead we made travel mugs of hot chocolate (coffee for us grown ups) and drove around checking out holiday lights.


After we got home we fed the kidlets and hustled them off to bed. A few hours later, confident that they were both fast asleep, I pulled out the presents, carefully laid the bags of goods on my bedroom floor, then realized I forgot tape. Went downstairs for tape. Came back upstairs to find Pete standing over the bags…


I tucked him back into bed and whisper-grilled him to see what he saw, and he just kept jabbering about two things, so I wrapped them up as “from mom and dad” and hoped for the best. Thankfully, he was apparently half-asleep because he was shocked and happy for every thing he unwrapped, in fact did not remember the shenanigans of the evening before. WHEW. Next year I need to hide things good and like, I dunno, do the wrapping while hiding in the basement or something.

So: Pete was up first, but not at too ungodly of an hour.  I started making coffee and I let him muck around amongst the mountains of gifts and pick one to open early.  And then Linus was up too and Scottie and we set to work unwrapping all 342 presents. Spoiled, you guys. SPOILED. Every last one of us.  We have lovely family.

Oh and I bought a pack of those mini-boxes of cereal and tucked a few in each stocking. HUGE HIT. Totally doing it again next year.

Oh and Linus was sick Sick SICK with a nasty chest cold.  Oh, that baby was in such a bad mood, he’s been sick all week. Dude, he is still sick.  And I was sick on Christmas too, thanks to that germy little thing.  FUN.


So we had this old rocking horse, it was badly treated by us once we inherited it, left out on the back deck through three Kansas winters. It had seen better days. I decided to fix that, though. I stripped and sanded it, primed it, and Pete helped me paint it up like a candy-apple red Dala horse, as a gift for Linus. In a room full of gifts, it was the first thing Linus spied. Pete was pretty excited to show it off.

So yeah, back to unwrapping. We had to take a break! That many presents! Insane. Us adults were just as spoiled as the kids. No less than 4 bags of amazing coffee, candies, nuts, Boulevard, foodie kits galore…



We played outside, as there was no snow and Pete needed to take his new bike for a spin. SO WEIRD. But hey, can’t complain too much. White Christmas is gorgeous but messy and a bitch to play in. Also Linus’ winter boots are too small for his fat feet. So I will deal without too much complaining.

So: presents, snacking (no lunch because: LAWDY, snacking), outside play, then more movies and board games and some wine for the grown ups.

After Linus went to bed, we had a proper fancy meal, with roasted glazed pork, gorgonzola polenta, and salad and roasted parsnips. Pete made us some snowflakes as centerpieces and we didn’t even bother with the Christmas china, just dug in. Then afterwards we watched another movie while snuggled up in blankets. That, my friends, was a nice Christmas.




Then we had the post-holiday Downer creep in. I mean, it was fine. Just the kids were crazy and Linus has learned the fine art of throwing tantrums when he doesn’t get his way so that was in full display (plus Pete was a whiner, I mean I love you son but for real), so yeah. It happens every year! The joy of having kids! We played and ate and Linus doled out his famous neck-punches on the regular and all was as well as it was gonna get.



OH: and one day we went to the Children’s Museum, which ended up being a rather nice distraction. My only complaint is that about 400 other parents had the same bright idea that day, so the place was PACKED. But it was still nice.



OMG, Linus is totally singing in that picture above. He loves to randomly break into song, I mean just all the time. It’s definitely his #1 redeeming quality.


Last night Scott and I watched Gone Girl and it was decidedly Okay. Rosamund Pike was amazing, but they cut out enough of the storyline so that Scott (who did not read the book) just thought it was kinda weird, like why did that kinda dumb but nice dude marry that crazy lady? Linus, who has never in his life ever been a good sleeper, also picked last night to scream his way through the entire night, like ALL NIGHT, so it took us (no lie) about 4 hours to finish the movie and that was just the start of the hellacious night. Scott was nice and took care of him 90% of the screaming times because I am kinda over this whole ‘waking up two to six times per night and staying awake for an hour+” crap. Learn to sleep already, you little weasel!

Truth: when he is a teenager I will exact my revenge by going into his room with a bullhorn 2-6 times per night and scream into it at the top of my lungs for an hour.

Ugh. Where was I… Today was time well spent doing laundry, cleaning, taking pictures of Linus snuggling his beloved Broccoli friend, pretty much the usual. Scott is now down with the Gross Sickness, Pete took a turn in there too, so now we’ve all had it and that crap can just go along its merry way already. Also Pete decided to adopt the box of chocolate-covered cherries my mom sent me, telling me “I am so glad Muzzy sends these because she knows they are my favorite!”. He ate every last one. But hey, the kid is a human stick figure basically, he needs them a lot more than I do.



That’s it, dudes. Long, I know. Believe me, I know. Have a wonderful week and we’ll see you at New Years!




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  1. Dinosaur toast. Happy New Year!

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