Week in Review – 14 December 2014

HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA WEEK.  Oh yes, my friends, we are all now in the thick of holiday hell, AMIRITE.  Here’s what we’ve had going on, all bullet-pointy-style:

  • Had my office holiday Christmas party. I took this stunning video of this hilarious segment/intro for trivia that my coworkers put together:

I am so old, you guys. This is why I never SnapChat. I am super stupid when it comes to taking video on my phone. I seriously thought I took a nice long video of that Intro. LOST FOREVER.

  • Decorated a gingerbread house. Pete did a good job this year, I bet he did a good 80% of the decorating. He told me he used yellow candies for the windows because it was their Christmas trees shining through.  I insisted on taking a final picture, because Pete has this CHARMING habit of going at the gingerbread house like a locust.  Last year there were actual huge chunks missing in the roof where he bit off hunks, you guys.  Anyway.  Thus far he has sneaked off all bits of candy and ate them, and ate part of a gingerbread man (gave the rest to Linus).


  • Wrote Santa letter. Totally forgot to bring the Santa letter when we visited Santa. WHOOPS.


  • Pete and I worked on his Linus present. We are re-finishing Pete’s old rocking horse, I sanded the shit out of that thing (I mean, spent SEVERAL EVENINGS sanding it), primed it, and Pete helped me paint it a nice glossy candy-apple red.  Aside from that one point when I turned my back and he ran outside and tagged the sidewalk, he did a really good job.


  • We did holiday shopping. Oh lord, the shopping.


  • We visited Santa. Not exactly good pictures, but hey – no one cried. Meh, works for me, not every year is gonna be a winner.


  • More shopping.


  • Drank the good holiday coffee (YAYYYYY) and finished artwork and addressed holiday cards and wrapped gifts.



  • Visited the Capitol tree. Linus was in heaven.  Pretty lights and pretty tree and lots and lots of stairs to climb!  He screamed when we dragged him out of there.


  • More shopping.
  • More shopping.
  • More shopping.


  • Refueled via coffee stop.


Uh random aside: we’ve had some really weird weather, warm and very foggy. I am pretty mad because I am pretty sure we will not have snow on Christmas. WHAT IS THE POINT OF LIVING IN THIS FROZEN GOD-FORSAKEN CLIMATE IF I CAN’T AT LEAST HAVE A WHITE CHRISTMAS. Harrumph.


  • I’m sorry where was I? Oh, yeah – hit up Olin on the way home, the end.


TADA. And now I’m off to do a crap-ton more wrapping and packaging and getting stuff ready to mail (tomorrow is the deadline, MEEP), so we will just see ya next week, fools. HANG IN THERE AND I HOPE YOU ALL SURVIVE THIS BLESSED HOLIDAY SEASON ALONG WITH ME.


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