Week in Review – 7 December 2014


Wow, so first I wrote the year as 2015, then 2016, then I typed in 2012. Granted: the last two were from fat-fingering the keyboard. Still. I seem to be having issues with what year it is.

Anyway! Word! This was a weird week. I had clients in town, and Linus was still sick for most of it, so it was crazy and went by really quickly. Next thing I knew it was Friday evening, and we had our regular Date Night.

To note: one weekend evening per week, Scott and I have a ‘date night’. This is usually an evening where our darling children have peanut-butter sandwiches or boxed mac-n-cheese or some other such exotic thing for dinner, then we whisk them off to bed and have a grown-up meal and rent a movie and just enjoy each other’s company. Last weekend after getting back from Kansas, we had some take-out Pho from the neighborhood noodle joint (so good) and Redboxed a CIA thriller. This weekend I made roasted corn risotto that we tucked into with local mushroom sausages, and we didn’t rent a movie because the selection sucked (sorry, lame week for new releases). Anyway, this is our weekend Thing. We popped open a bottle of the latest MobCraft with our Date Night Dinner and it was surprisingly good. Given that it was basically Reeses candy beer. I was mildly impressed.

On top of that: St. Nick made his annual appearance Saturday morning. St. Nick used to visit us in the evening like he did when I was a kid, THE RIGHT WAY, but everyone at school is visited that morning, so St. Nick caved this year and visited us in the A.M. as well. He still did his left-handed handwriting on paper bags rather than boots, though, just like he always did when I was little. So it was a compromise. The boys got the usual: toothbrushes, candy, a few small toys and socks, and their annual ornaments. Linus got a little stuffed reindeer thing (SHATTERPROOF, HELLO) and Pete got a ray gun he was admiring while we were at Hobbs in Lawrence. Proof that St. Nick and Santa Claus are always watching, you guys! Proof.


Secondly, I would like to point out: I have tried on multiple occasions to take some pictures for our annual holiday cards. As to be expected this year: those monster children thwarted my plans.


Saturday, Linus was not feeling like death warmed over, and there was some actual daylight to be had, so I rushed them into their matching Grinch sweaters once again and coaxed them into acting normal. My whole theme was “Cats!” so it started out with me letting them each bring a kitty to hold, and then it snowballed into every stuffed animal cat to be found being included in each frame. And you know what? I screwed up and bought a cheap LivingSocial card deal without reading the small print, and I was stuck with crappy card choices anyway, so what the hell. Let’s fully embrace this mess and just go for it.

Here are some of the outtakes. Actually, the real actual image might be in this lot. That’s how special it was. Huzzah!


After picture time we all piled in the car and headed to Stoughton for their annual holiday parade, consisting entirely of decorated firetrucks. It is bad ass and we drive in for it every year. Usually we hang at the Pour House, but it closed (quelle horreur!) so we ended up at a new place called the Viking BrewPub. Decent brews and a lovely, lovely spot. Huge, lots of windows, nicely decorated, just all around awesome. And Vic the owner took a shine to Peter (because Peter charmed him by chatting his ear off, as he is known to do), so he took Pete over to the main bar to blow smoke out the nostrils of the huge dragon Viking ship thing in the center of the place. Highlight of his stay there. I think this spot is a new Keeper.


Scott went to change Linus’ diaper (yay, fun) and while he was gone I asked Pete for the 6th time if he really wanted to watch the parade from inside. He very huffily told me YES MOM YES FOR THE HUNDREDTH TIME, I WANT TO STAY INSIDE, so I told him okay then, because the parade is coming down the street. And he flew out the door like a shot, no coat or hat or anything, and I chased him down with a hat and blanket. He wrapped the blanket around himself and kindly let his little brother wear the hat when they followed us out shortly after. And that’s how we took in the parade this year. Thank goodness it is a mild winter thus far.


Here is the point where I should mention: I myself got sick this week, with some random infection, so I am on some rather intense antibiotics and have a doctor appointment tomorrow. The antibiotics make me nauseous and tired constantly, something I am not used to (usually I just get amoxocillin basic stuff), so Sunday Scottie took Pete off for a Guys Afternoon and Linus and I took nice long naps. Pete and Scott went to the mall to run around, poke around the shops, had a long lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings, then hit up Karben4 for a growler of Fantasy Factory and got a nice big pork roast for Christmas day. A local Heritage Pork farmer happened to be there selling meat, and who could turn that up. So it turns out we are not going out for sushi this year but are instead staying in and cooking our own meal. Frankly: I’m excited. Already researching side dishes and dessert recipes.

Anyway: when Linus woke up we had a photo shoot. He was wearing his little elfin cap so I figured what the hell. His giant lumpy head and crazy stick-out ears means he won’t fit it much longer, might as well take advantage.


Pete and Scott eventually came home, then Pete and I ran out for one last trip to Savers. My favorite neighborhood thrift store, it is closing its doors in a few days. SADNESS. We took a final spin through and it was bare as could be, but Pete still found a few toys and took a shine to this old 80s sweater with construction vehicles on it. Game on, brother. So we loaded up and said good-bye to his favorite spot. No more $2 bags of random McDonalds toys, my son.

He let me take a few pictures before we left, which was nice. He’s rather camera-averse these days.


We came back home to see that Linus had kidnapped Momo and claimed him as his own. Looks like we have another cat lover in this house.


That’s it, my lovelies. Have a great week, I’m off to devour more of my latest night-stand companion and then off to sleep. Have a great week and see you again soon!


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