Week in Review – 30 November 2014


Hi ho – long week, you guys. Loooooong week. We took yet another whirlwind trip of Kansas, lots and lots of pictures to share. This time I’m getting them all posted at some point, too, I promise.

We got back and I’m dealing with a poor sick baby and mountains of laundry and scrambling to get ready for a crazy busy work week. I’ll share just a few from our adventures. More to come later. And my goodness but I can’t believe tomorrow is December already – bring on the holiday season!

First: the drive. Looong drive. Did the drive down in one day, that was hard I won’t lie. We made it and drove directly to Joe’s because: BBQ withdrawals. Stayed at a random La Quinta that had a vacancy, then spent a cold, rainy day in downtown Larryville where we ate and shopped and ate some more. Then off we went for a quick drive down to Pitt.






Yaaaay, Pittsburg! There we stayed with my gracious parents and ran amok with my sisters and their kids and saw Nikki and enjoyed some of that famous Southeast KS fried chicken and slurped up good coffee and visited my sister’s steakhouse (because sometimes that’s the only way to get some quality time with that busy girl) and pet some cats. Oh my lord you guys, and the cat love. My boys got their fill while in Pittsburg.





Grabbed a quick lunch on the way out of town at Braums, then we drove on to south central Kansas, to stay with Kris and Alfie (my in-laws, and that seems so formal, so let’s stick to Kris and Alfie) and to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving (complete with a bonfire), and the country air and lordy you guys but the STARLINGS. They are insane there. I spent a good chunk of time one morning chasing them around their house. And the boys got even MORE cat and dog time, and quality Grandparent Time.









They got even more Grandparent Time on Friday when Scott and I snuck away for a Black Friday Date Day. Shopping, nut house, lots of coffee, and a long lunch at a downtown brewery. Ahhhhh.



Then off we go. It’s a million hours back home from central Kansas, so: yaaaaaay. We drove to KC, stopped to see my bro and Stacy for a minute, then kept going and got to Des Moines around 11pm. UGH.


We had a crappy sleepless night and Linus had the mother of all fevers. We had to do the strip-down and sponge bath and his body was still like fire. Still is, sadly. We let him sleep as close to check out as we could (both those fools slept in, actually), then hoofed it back to Madison and here we are ta da.


** I just spent a half an hour scrubbing the dining room carpet because TRADER JOES CRANBERRY SPARKLING JUICE IS THE DEVIL NEVER BUY IT EVER.

Okay peace out.


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