Week in Review – 9 November 2014


I have the flu, yaaaaaay. It hit me like a freight train, just completely out of nowhere, and we were at the St. James Fall Festival at the time, so: double yaaaaaaay.

Anyway, I am not in the mood for a big post. I’ll pop in some photos and a few words and let’s call it a day so I can crawl back to my bed. Deal?

We hit up the annual Fall Fest at our parish. We missed the pfeffernuesse, darn it. We were midway through digging through the Trash to Treasure when I felt sick, so we fled. But they had games and yummy-smelling food (to Scott anyway) and an auction/raffle area. We bought Pete a set of raffle tickets and he put two into Lego sets, and then sunk all the rest into a Transformers set. So fingers crossed for the poor old boy. He is quite anxious they will forget to tell him if he wins, or not be able to read my hand writing, or I will forget to pick up the phone if they call, etc. etc. etc.

He also got some goods at the Trash to Treasure, two whole bags of toys (75 whole cents, he was amazed that he gave them money AND THEY GAVE HIM MONEY BACK, WOW WHAT A DEAL!). I was nice and got a picture for posterity as requested, even though I was doubled-over with stomach cramps at that point.


And that about sums things up. I mean, I voted on Tuesday, work was crazy, we had some appointments, there were errands, all that crap. Friday I had off work and did some work on… things (more to come later, Santa related), picked up other assembled ‘things’ from Toys R Us (also Santa related), and Pete and I had a nice long ‘date’ afternoon where we had some lunch at Bluephies. Saturday Pete and I headed to the Funcks, where I watched the kiddos while they had a long-awaited night out. Stuff like that, just life stuff. I have a few random pictures on my phone to show for it but don’t have them on the desktop so whatever, you don’t get to see BECAUSE I AM TOO LAZY AND FEEL LIKE BARFING RIGHT NOW.

Here are a few of my wee ones. All I got this weekend, really.



Wow Pete looks a little possessed? Sorry, he was fighting me on having his picture taken. And that’s why you get more baby pictures than 5-year-old pictures these days.

Have a good week and everyone STAY WARM! Okay I’m outtie.


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