Week in Review – 3 November 2014


Yeeeeeah still not really in the mood. Just dropping a few photos and I’m out.

We did the trick-or-treating thing. It was cold (thanks to the wind, which gave us some wind chills, dipping into the teens by 6pm). It actually snowed in the morning, something I never expected to see as far south as Madison, however it melted by afternoon so we were ready to roll. That definitely took me back to the days of trick-or-treating in my youth. (OMG, suddenly I feel very, verrrrry old saying things like that).

Anyway – did a quick route around the neighborhood and then headed home to warm up and count our candy. Not too bad of a stash, either, for only 45 minutes outside.


In Linus news: he is full-on walking these days, has pretty much mastered things. Forwards, backwards, abrupt stops, tight turns… Granted he still wobbles on his feet, but he’s making pretty good progress. He’s pretty much into everything, and has started that climbing-furniture-and-attempting-to-jump-off thing. Thanks a lot for teaching him those tricks, PEEEEEETER.


On Saturday evening Pete and I took a trip to Toys R Us to find a present for a birthday party the next day, and also stopped and tried out several bikes. We didn’t get one today, but unbeknownst to him: Santa is definitely getting him one for Christmas this year… The next day we headed out to the birthday party, and jumped/swung/played to our heart’s content. Pete did not want to leave, we had a great time.


Um PS – that kid is a phenom at the air hockey table. Killed it. I barely beat him the first round and he dominated thereafter.

Other than that: the most exciting news of Sunday was that Linus and I hid in the kitchen and ate some cookies his grandma mailed off to us. ALL THE COOKIES, ALL FOR US, MWUAH-HAHAHAHAHAHA.


Yep that’s it. Have a good week, I’m sure I’ll be updating again verrrrrry soon.


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