Week in Review – 26 October 2014


The Royals just gave up a game, and the World Serious (TM, Peter) is at 3-2 in favor of the Giants, but you know what? This whole thing is such a gift, the fact that the Royals are even here is so amazing. So: Go Royals! We are not sad. We are just so excited to be here.


Sooooo I made a baked French toast for breakfast this weekend? I guess that’s somewhat memorable. It was a riff on Cinnamon Toast, so I made a few batches of Cinnamon Toast first, then made a baked French toast dish from that. It was super-duper good, with some powdered sugar and a healthy slug of maple syrup. The boys snarfed it down too and lots of leftovers. Hope Scott wants some for lunches the rest of the week…


Linus is officially a Walker. Pretty much of the Walking Dead kind, given his style. Whoa, you guys, I forgot how much you just follow a jerky, lurchy first-walker around. My weekend was spent mostly making sure he didn’t kill himself. Let’s master this walking-thing already, little dude.


Okay check out the first photo below: that’s the tree I took the boys’ picture under last week. Uh, yeah. Doesn’t take long in Wisconsin to go from golden and pretty to D.E.A.D. We did a lot of walks this weekend around the neighborhood, which was so nice (even for me, and it’s not like I have a lot of free time for meandering wanderings).


While walking with those two dorks, I often pondered Linus’ costume. Oh, you guys – it’s so ugly. I have pretty much given up on it. He’s filled out considerably since I started on it, so I had to add a few inches by adding fabric, but that makes it look really weird. The pants portion is a nightmare, and I never even made arms because I officially Gave Up. Plus? I am worried anyway because he is so intent on walking around on his own these days, and I don’t even want to THINK about all the sidewalk face-plants.

So what to do? I mean, I don’t want anyone to focus on the costume too much because it is shoddy to say the least. But he won’t sit nicely in a stroller. OMG HALP WHAT DO I DO.

And then I realized.


THE COZY COUPE. He only sits still in the Coupe! So that, my friends, was that. I spent a good couple of hours on Saturday with paint and lots of tape and Dollar Tree white plastic tablecloths, to pimp that puppy out as the Ecto-1. It wasn’t the best by any means, but it got the message across and I didn’t have to make ugly-looking arms for Linus’ Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costume. The End.


Oh, also on one of our walks, I talked Pete into letting me take some pictures of him, against pretty much the only tree in the neighborhood that still had some leaves. He’s a camera-shy baby lately but I talked him into it this time.


Saturday night we celebrated our anniversary. Unlike last year, we didn’t have to wait 3 hours to enjoy our sushi. And we were serenaded throughout the meal to the sweet sounds of the Royals game rather than a newborn squalling. I’d say that’s a massive improvement, personally.


Sunday morning came way too early (ugh, thanks for the random 2-hour wake-up, LINUS). Scott was super kind and took care of the boys so I could get some extra rest in the morning. Then we headed off to Henry Vilas Zoo to get on our first Trick-or-Treat of the season.

I wore Pete’s Lego head on the drive over. It was kinda fun, to be honest. One car even honked at us.


So we just kinda winged it, obviously it’s hard to do a trial run in these situations. Much like the first Halloween situation of last year, Pete’s costume took a beating. Bits that were glued together fell apart, and the helmet portion didn’t sit AT ALL (the tape did not hold), so I ended up holding his head on for him the entire time. No worries though, he still had fun and we stopped for some pictures for other people. He was pretty happy to oblige.


It was warmer than I have ever remembered in Wisconsin, a nice 60 degrees by the late morning. A few kids were even stripping down out of their costumes, it was so warm. We were a’sweating. Not gonna complain over warm Autumn weather, like EVER. But so weird! Whatever I’ll take it.



And that, my friends, was that. We headed home, ran errands and did chores, all of the usual. I took Pete out later in the day to get a costume for school and dance – neither allow bulky, head-covering things, so he needed a 2nd one. And I was totally humbled.

I mean, hey. Store-bought costumes are fine I suppose, but I’ve always much preferred the home-made kind. Turned my nose up at the store-bought stuff, to be honest. Welp, that has bit me in the ass. Fifteen bucks for an IronMan costume and you guys, he loves the thing. LOVES IT. Wore it to play in the yard all evening, insisted on wearing it to bed. “It doesn’t hurt my neck like my Emett costume!”, he excitedly told me. Also? “It looks so expensive and fancy, mommy!”. O. M. G. So okay, time to come clean: store-bought costumes are not bad. In fact, sometimes they are the most perfect.

Ugh, that was hard to admit.


Have a good week, loves. Check in again soon.



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