Week in Review – 19 October 2014


First, can we just point out WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THOSE ROYALS??  They won the pennant!  They are going to the World Series!  To say this household is excited is an understatement.  We even popped some champs and some sparkling apple cider in honor of the occasion.


I won’t lie, Scott’s hair kinda cracks me up there I am not exactly sure what is going on.  The perils of working from home and not having the need to comb your hair in front of a mirror, I suppose.

This weekend when we went to the market, I actually remembered to take my camera along, because the fall market needs at least one day to shine on the blog.  We fueled up with coffees and hot chocolate and picked up some donuts along the way. Lots of hardy veggies to be had –  we stocked up on Brussels sprouts and squashes and Romanesco broccoli.  Pete begged and I relented to buying a wee baby succulent from Chris’ booth, and at one point Pete and I ran away to a [certain Square spot] that had a [certain thing] but only in limited numbers so I had to snap one up now…  Sorry to be vague, it’s going in Scottie’s stocking this Christmas. But it’s cute!  And I wanna go back and get another for my sister if they still have them (I was sneaky and brought cash, but only had enough cash on me to snag one of These Things. I do not plan well).


Saturday I also slaved away on those dumb Halloween costumes.  I put them aside, but probably for too long, so now I’m scrambling to finish and well.  Pete is going to be Emmet, his is finished and looks fine, from afar.  Just don’t get too close or you’re treated to all the cracks and sloppy paint work.  Linus’ costume, on the other hand, it is just…. ugh.  I thought the stomach covered more of the pants so I skimped on them and didn’t cover them all in fabric and poof.  Big mistake, BIG.  Now I get to try to fix that somehow, also take out the tummy portion because it’s a bit tight on our giant 27 Pounder of a baby, AND I haven’t even started the arms.  EEP.  Pray for me, you guys.  I have 4-ish good nights to get this knocked out.


Sunday was the usual cleaning and laundry, and when Scott and Peter ran errands Linus and I made chocolate chippers (because: why not, I say).  Scott cut up a massive butternut squash and made my favorite baked pasta.


Then we went for a walk down the street, to visit the Famous Maples.  There is a massive maple tree at the end of our blog, flanked by another smaller one just behind it, and every single time we go past this thing there is someone taking a photo of it.  People in their cars whizzing by with cameras out the window, people taking selfies, couples shooting pictures of each other or their dog or just: everyone, trust.  So it was our turn.

We made the mistake of taking Linus down there in the Cozy Coupe – oh lawdy, that child loves taking a ride in the Coupe. He cries when you stop, like even to slow down and look both ways before crossing the street; God help you if you attempt to actually remove him from the thing.  I can foresee the Terrible Twos, you guys, and I suspect they will be especially gin-worthy for me when he gets there.






Yeah, I was still getting bitch face from that baby 15 minutes later. Needless to say, I took him for a long, looooooong, extra-extended walk in the Coupe after that. Don’t cross Moose.

Okay, over and out.  Have a fun week.  Peace out.


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