Week in Review – 12 October 2014

This is a compilation of the non-child related things for the week, which is food. Linus’ homemade birthday cake (because: can that mess be anything other than homemade?), some Romanesco broccoli we found in our CSA box this week, and a lovely and amazing roasted-corn strata that Scott made for dinner this week.  GLORIOUS. Make that shizz while corn is still in season, my friends, you won’t regret it.


I am totally out of practice in the cake-making department, but I’ll blame that blobby blue thing on the special royal icing I bought for the sole purpose of drawing a KC Royals crown on Moose’s cake. It didn’t work, at all. I tried to do the crown on the side but it was a bleedy sloppy mess. No bother, I’ll draw it on the top! Uh, no. I drew it nicely, so I thought, but within a few minutes it had oozed and slopped all over the place. NICE. So whatever, there’s the Royals cake, bask in all its crappy glory.

Oy, that was a busy week.  Every night there were things going on, EVERY NIGHT.  Sometimes even two whole things!  This is stressful on a person like me, who cherishes her evening yoga pants time. But somehow I survived.  The pictures you are about to see were all taken pretty much within a 24 hour period.  That is because

  • The doctor appt. I had on Monday evening was super non-exciting nor photo-worthy.
  • The appt. Pete had on Tuesday afternoon was super non-exciting nor photo-worthy.
  • The dance class Pete had on Tuesday evening was SUPER PICTURE WORTHY, being old skool hip-hop and all, but like any studio: they don’t let parents in the room. The picture from my vantage point was pretty boring.
  • The all-parent school meeting on Tuesday evening, that I rushed to after Pete’s hip-hop class?  The one that was two hours long?  Absolutely for real not photo worthy.
  • Wednesday was Linus’ birthday!

Wait – wut?  Yes.  A year.  A YEAR.  It’s already a whole year since this happened. Which makes my head spin but whatever I am old and everybody warned me that this happens when you are old.  So we popped a candle in a banana and called it a day.  I mean really, nothing is exciting to this kid as bananas and baths, and he got BOTH that day, so that means the best birthday ever! We waited for the weekend for the real festivities.


Okay where was I.  Oh, yes – the stuff that did not require photos.  Well, there were also swim lessons and another damned meeting and then finally, FINALLY: Friday.

Both daycare and school were closed (for travel and a diocese in-service, respectively), so was stuck at home with the Crazies. We… survived.  I mean you know, there are days I stay home with my kids and all is fluffy kittens and rainbows and we go out for ice cream and I squeeze those little weirdos with all my might, while I thank my lucky stars they are in my life.

And then again, there are days where I feel like I am being “MAMA!”ed to death and yanked at nonstop, there is shrieking and madness galore, and every time I pick up a teeny corner of their epic mess, it is a mess again 2 minutes after I walk away. Also a contractor shows up to re-paint the front porch and door and Pete pesters him to death while he does so, and then the contractor asks me to leave the front door open for the next hour to dry, and oh yeah hey that’s awesome considering it’s 47F outside and my baby keeps gunning for the doorway, and then there is the fact that I am re-heating my one lonely cup of coffee for the day FOUR TIMES before finally just giving up, and yeah: I pretty much want to run away from home by the time my dear husband finally (blessedly) got off work. My hat is off to you, stay-at-home-moms, because: No. Not for me, I have the patience of a [insert random not-patient animal or celebrity-type person, whatever, right here].

Yep. Friday was one of those days.  But, hey.  We were able to squeeze in a Target visit early, one that was very pleasant and fun, and also Linus took a nap like a normal baby, and by that I mean he didn’t wake up immediately screaming when I tip-toed into the room to check on him, so I celebrated by taking a picture of him snoozing away in all his fat-faced glory.  He woke up as soon as he heard the shutter click, but whatever.  There were the high points.


Friday night we finished cake decorating and put up decorations because Saturday was to be the Day of the Moose. Pete was so excited, so very very excited. We went with an all-blue theme in honor of the Royals, thanks to Linus’ namesake (Moooooooooooose) and because the Royals are in the playoffs for the first time in 30 years, which is the first time in a lifetime for a whole lotta people. I think that’s well worth celebrating.

Linus took some time busting through the streamers, I’ll be honest. It was worth the wait, though.



We had pumpkin cinnamon rolls for breakfast, which he annihilated. Pete and I ran out to Target and then for pizza, which we had as a late lunch, then opened presents. Then it was time for some good old-fashioned cake smashing.


I was kinda surprised, Moose was pretty calm for the entirety of his cake smash. Neither excited nor stand-offish, he just methodically pinched off finger-fuls and took his sweet time enjoying that smash cake.


Later that night we sang that special song and had some cake ourselves, from the big giant one for adults. After Linus’ cake smash Pete was obsessed with eating a whole cake just by one’s self, so he took the liberty (when Scottie and I were not watching) to take a giant bite out of the cake. This morning he work up extra-early, sneaked downstairs, and hacked at it with a spoon. So needless to say: my plans to take the leftover cake to work for my coworkers to finish off has been officially foiled. Thanks, Doots.



That last photo is from this morning, right before Scott took Linus with him to finish some grocery shopping. He’s sporting a new birthday-gifted romper and hat from moi. Scott thought it was weird but that baby got lots of compliments while shopping SO THERE. Mama knows best, suck it!

Okay that’s all I have for reals. Have a good week, my friends. See you again soon.


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