Portland, Day 4

Okay admittedly: it took me forever to prep this one. But I took about 800 photos. I am not exaggerating. Takes some time to go through all that, cull it down, then edit. Just sayin’.


Our hotel’s location wasn’t ideal, and the furniture in the living-room area was a little worn, but it made up for it in all other areas. I liked having a suite, because we could put the boys to bed in the living-room area and then shut the pocket doors to have our own little spot to chill in the evenings. Staff was super friendly, and the free breakfast spread was insane – 2 buffet lines of hot items, separate drink area, separate pastry and fruit sections, and a short-order kitchen in case you want something other than what was laid out. Pete, the lover of all hotel continental breakfasts, was in HEAVEN. Every morning we ate well at breakfast before heading off, which filled us up and meant less spent on meals later in the day.

Also they had a Happy Hour, for each evening the adults each got 2 drink tickets (1 ticket = 1 cheap beer or wine, or 2 tickets = 1 craft beer or nicer wine. No brainer). Nothing was nicer than getting back to the hotel after a long day exploring, getting the kids off to sleep, and enjoying that free beer in our room while relaxing. Aaaaaaaah.

So anyway. We slept in on Tuesday, no alarms set to catch the dining hall breakfast this day. GLORIOUS. We hit up the hotel breakfast, then we just kinda lounged before getting ready for the day. We got dressed, I made lunches for us to eat on the drive, we made sure the diaper bag and our totes were well stocked, then hit the road.


PS – in the Great Debate of New Lays Flavors, we are firmly on Team Wasabi Ginger. Like sushi! So addictive. It would be nice if they were a bit spicier, but whatever. Super yum.

We hit the road, drove through PDX, and off to the coast. It was about a 2-hour drive, maybe a little longer because we hit some construction areas on the way. Through the forests – so beautiful. I did not mind the long drive.


We were going to just head to Cannon Beach and spend the whole day there, but someone mentioned the shipwreck beach, which I had forgotten about – the wreck of the Peter Iredale is still stranded in the beach at Ft. Stevens State Park, aside from the shipwreck to climb the beach itself was said to be rather nice. It was a little north of our original destination, but hell – as long as we were that close, we were going. So our first stop was the Ft. Stevens State Park coast.


Baby’s first time at the beach – Scott wore him the whole time though. I think he was not quite ready to deal with two little beings full of sand. Pete made himself right at home, found some stones and sticks and drew to his heart’s delight in the sand.


Eventually, we made our way to the shipwreck.




After fully exploring the thing, we made our way back to the edge of the water and just enjoyed the view for awhile.




So. Beautiful. I could have stayed there all day, but I think I was the only one. So we made our way back to the car, brushed off as much of the sand as we could, and hit the road to make our way down to Cannon Beach.


About halfway there we decided to stop for dinner – one does not go to Oregon and skip the beer, so much good stuff to be had and it seems every little town has at least one brewery offering. We stopped in the little beach town of Seaside, which of course meant we had to hit up Seaside Brewing.

Here is something I loved about this trip – a lot of the breweries are super kid friendly. Most everywhere we went had a play area for kids or at the very least, books and games to keep little hands busy. Seaside was no different, so the kids got some downtime to play while we enjoyed our beers. The beers here were meh okay. Nothing great, but they weren’t BAD, so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much.


After our big breakfast and the car lunch we weren’t exactly starving, so we just went with appetizers. The hilarious thing: the appetizers came, and they were massive. Soooo…. yeah. We barely put a dent in that spread. Except for the oyster shooters, Scott had no problem working through those.

While the beer was so-so, the food was super delicious, especially for basic bar-and-grill type offerings. It was here that Linus began a passionate vacation fling with French fries. Oh, how he loved the French fries. And since it was vacation, I mean what the hell. We made sure to order them everywhere we went. That child was in heaven.



We eventually rolled ourselves outta there, and got back on the road. Hello, Cannon Beach.


I love the Oregon coast, at least this portion, because the beaches were very clean. Very little seaweed or other things washing up. Also the sand is squeaky when you walk briskly. This is not something I have ever experienced at any other beach and I’m not sure why exactly this happens, but I swear we spent the first 15 minutes on the beach asking, “Wait! Did you hear that?  What is that? Where is that coming from?  Is that YOU?”.  Ad nauseum.

That’s Haystack Rock in the background, in case you were wondering. That of Goonies fame.

This time we let Linus loose after a little bit, and LAWDY. That child loved it. Burrowing in the sand, squeezing wet sand in his hands, trying to crawl into the ocean over and over and over again. Total beach baby.


Pete had an impromptu dance party so I made sure to record it. Did I mention he just started a dance class? Because: yes. Hip hop.  That should be right up his alley.


Mmmm, beach.  I loved this one.  Good light, clean, pretty.



Linus and his most favorite person in the whole world.

And then we decided to leave, because it was getting late, and also Pete was dangerously close to peeing his pants. Sad face.  We made our way back to the car and puttered on back to Portland.  It was a crappier drive back – both boys were tired and whiny.  Linus started his usual roadtrip screamfest about halfway back.  And all the little drive-thru coffee huts close early, apparently, so we couldn’t even get a coffee to drown our sorrows.  Suck.



At least it was a pretty drive, if tiring and screamy.

The rest of the trip we kept our butts firmly planted in Portland proper, so expect lots of coffee, beer, and brunch posts.  With bonus French fries.


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